Be prepared…

When God invites you into an adventure it’s a special moment, a divine moment . . . an eternal moment. You won’t get many. So, be prepared. Be ready with a quick, “Yeah, dad. Totally.”

If you have ever felt that God was calling you to do something…do it. Don’t argue with Him like so many children do with their parents and grandparents today. Sometimes what He calls us to do for His Kingdom doesn’t feel like a “safe” thing to do. Consider what Moses did or what David did. One had left Egypt because he had committed a murder of an Egyptian. One came to bring his brothers some food from home and found a giant of a man mocking the army of Israel and their God. Both of them felt the Spirit calling them to do something that was dangerous and outside of their comfort zones. In David’s case, the need was apparent and immediate. He did something about Goliath with God’s strength and help the stone that he sent toward Goliath’s head killed the giant.

Moses had lived away from Egypt and the plight of his people for many years before God called him to go and free the Jews from captivity. He didn’t want to do what God asked and he argued with God about his ability to do it but eventually, he did go and God freed the Jewish people from bondage that had lasted for four hundred years.

What does their example tell us today?

Both of them were chosen by God for their purposes and we are as well. Our purpose…your purpose may not be so grand as theirs but to God, it is still important. Each of us has a purpose and sometimes it takes a while for us to be ready for it even if God called us many years ago. Sometimes we run from God the way Jonah did. Sometimes…we just ignore the call and hope that God will choose someone else. But God knows our strengths and our abilities and our calling may be to live our life before someone else so that they will hear Him one day. Our example of living our Christian life every day could be our calling and it could be yours.

Each of us has someone in our circle that might only listen to or pay attention to our example. We might not know who it is but one day in eternity we will. Your calling may be for a large ministry but you don’t think you have the ability. God can take your ability and your resources and multiply them in ways that you can’t imagine. I never imagined that my website would draw as many readers as it has and I pray that it will continue to grow until Jesus comes to set up His Kingdom on Earth. Look around on my site and see if you could do this. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, please seek Him out soon because none of us is guaranteed another day.

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