I’ve been reading…

Lately, I’ve been reading a couple of good books. One which was written by many different authors over thousands of years. God’s Word. The Bible. The other book is one by a brother in Christ by the name of Phil Robertson called “The Theft of America’s Soul“. I am putting the link here not because I get anything from it but because it is a good book and it is one that needs to be read by many Americans, whether they are Christian, Democrat, Republican, liberal or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

Both of these books point us toward our Savior, Jesus Christ, and He is the only answer to our world’s problems. You can agree with me or not, but our founding fathers knew it and most of America has either forgotten it or they just don’t want to hear it anymore. Life in the time which we are living in today is not hard like it was many years ago. For some, it may be, but for most in America, their lives would be considered luxurious compared to the living conditions in China or North Korea or in many places in Africa. There are many other places where life is tough in more ways than any of us know about but in reality, we have it good here.

Why is it that people are so much against our laws and the Bible on which most of those laws are based on? In the last decade, I’ve noticed that many who live here would rather turn America into a socialist country or a Communist country than to be proud of the Democratic Republic we are supposed to be!

The Christian principles which guided our country for so many years have been torn apart in the last three decades or so. America isn’t the same country now that my parents and grandparents grew up in. The principles which God placed in our hearts and in His Word are the only principles which will bring our world, not just America, back from the edge of destruction. I ask you to please pray that our country and many others that claim to be Christian will turn back to God and His principles before it is too late.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.


Seeking Jesus

Are you seeking to know Jesus?

There are so many things which the Bible tells us about God and His love for us, and yet those bits of information aren’t enough. We seem to see some things about Him in the Bible but many of them actually take a great amount of faith in order for us to truly believe them. So…why don’t we believe these words considering they are the Word of God given to mankind?

I believe that we can’t understand the ideas and the word pictures about God because much of it is too fantastic for our minds to comprehend. I mean, a bush which is burning which doesn’t burn? A pillar of fire by night and a pillar of smoke by day, parting the Red Sea so that Israel can cross on the dry ground, stopping the sun and the moon so that they can defeat their enemies when they are taking the Promised Land…all of these miraculous things are hard for modern man to believe without actually seeing them happen.

But consider that God cannot lie and if you have faith that God is truthful and just in all of His ways and these miracles make sense. He had to do some fantastic and wonderful things in order for the children of Israel to see and understand that He was taking care of them like He said He would. Today it is hard for me to understand how they could see these things and know that they happened and then turn away from worshipping God to worship idols. I just don’t get it.

I mean mortal man creates an idol out of molten silver or gold or wood and then he bows to it as if it was a god? It is a piece of metal or a carved piece of wood for goodness sake!! How can you possibly think that this thing is your god??!

The manna in the desert and the water which came from a rock to take care of the whole nation of Israel in the desert..just those two miracles would be enough to convince me!

Satan has a way of blinding us to God’s Truth and making our mind only see part of what is going on which brings us to the point of questioning God and His love for us. The church today is losing many to this phenomenon as we speak. While there are still people who are following Jesus and giving their hearts to Him, many more are walking out of the church and decide to never return.

God’s Word tells us that there will be a falling away of the faithful when the time is getting close to the Tribulation and it seems to be happening even now. So how much longer does the world have? I don’t know. I am not going to try to spin some lie about the time and the day because God doesn’t tell us, in His Word and we aren’t supposed to know ahead of the time anyway.

My point is this: we need to be telling people about Jesus and what He has done for us and for them. God loves us which is why Jesus came to pay our price of the sin debt which all of us have. We are not righteous enough to gain entrance into Heaven without Jesus and more people need to know that…and soon!1536161349743_image.jpg