What is happening?

The world is burning and many people are applauding the fact that it is, why? No, it isn’t literally burning yet, but the fires which fuel the hatred and violence which precedes the end times which are taught in the Bible and in the Koran are burning and getting hotter. Believe it or not, call me crazy if you wish, but the  problems that are in this world are here because of sin, period! There was an exchange of a BBC show about sin and other topics and I have given the link to it from theblaze.com. In essence the host of the show is calling the Truth in God’s Word bigoted and hateful. It hurts when you find the truth of scripture that applies to your life. It hurts when you realize that some of the sinful things that you condone and agree with are shown to be the sins which God abhors.

Preachers don’t teach bigotry, we teach and preach the Truth of the Living God! If you don’t like it, don’t come to church, don’t read God’s Word at all! But…if you are looking for the truth and the way to live your life by God’s laws and God’s ways, then by all means learn about Him! God loves those on Earth, each of us, but He doesn’t condone nor approve of our sinful lifestyles or the sins which we live in every day! I may be a preacher but I am a sinner too. I don’t claim to be pure or holy, the only righteousness that I have has been imputed to me through Jesus because it is His righteousness that I have in my heart!

No, I am not perfect in fact I am far from it. Not one person on Earth is righteous enough to get into Heaven on their own and whether you agree with me or not, you know this to be true! God provided us with a Savior through Jesus and all that we have to do to have His righteousness is to believe in Him and give our lives to Him through faith. No amount of works or actions on our part will ever help us get into Heaven because He did all of the work necessary and it is our responsibility to either accept it or not. God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, you do that by rejecting Him and His love for you.

Time is on my side….is it really?

We are not guaranteed any time. Some of us get to live to be 8 or 9 decades old, some make it to the century birthday mark, but those years are not given at birth. We live them, one day at a time, one year at a time, one decade at a time as God wills for us to be on this Earth. It is not something that we have any control over, for the most part. Of course, if you live your life doing dangerous stunts or smoking or drinking all of the time then you can have an effect on your quality of life and its quantity too.

In the Bible, God says that man is allotted “three score and ten“, any years beyond that is a true gift from Him. Right now, I am not far from my three score but I am going to serve Him until He comes again or until my time is up, whichever comes first. Your time and mine are pretty much the same. We all get, if God wills it, 24 hours every day. Part of that we spend sleeping, part of it we are travelling to or from work, part of it we are eating and we usually work about eight hours or so depending on the job we have. So, do you see time as a friend or a master? The reason for my question is that many people rush through life day after day, like they are being pushed or forced to rush through the day. Then, some of us see a day as a gift which God has given to us and we use it and every hour that we have is precious.

This is the way that I have had to learn to live since I became disabled and unable to work at a regular job. I wake up and thank God for the day, then get my coffee and read a few chapters in the Bible. I may get inspired to write a post for this site or one of my other blogs. I make sure that our dogs are fed and the cats too and I try my best to get my son out of bed before noon. God has given me this time to enjoy in life because the age of grace that many refer to as “the Church age” is coming to an end. I don’t know when, but God does and according to all of the prophecies in His Word it won’t be too much longer.

By saying that I mean that I believe that I will be alive when the Trumpet sounds and He calls us home. If you would like to go with me, please consider giving your life to Jesus soon. Pray about it, go to church and talk to a pastor about Jesus. Ask questions about Him, seek Him in His Word and in prayer. Why do I say this? Because, after the church and the dead who are Christians are raised, the world is going to change dramatically and it won’t be for the better. God loves you and knows who you are and where you are in your life, all that you need to do is seek Him out and pray that He would forgive you of your sins, just like He forgave me of mine. I am not perfect, only Jesus can claim a sinless life, but God will forgive you if you are sincere about changing your life and following Him.

So little time….

Why do I say this you may ask? Simply because when you compare our lives with eternity, which is ahead for all of us, your life and mine seem so tiny in comparison. I have seen scientists compare our life-span to the age of the Earth, which is supposed to be ~4.3 billion years or so, and your life and mine shows up as a speck of dust. Eternity doesn’t have an end, so our life would be microscopic compared to it. Yet, we go through our lives preparing to live a long life into retirement and many of us never think much about what comes after our life here.

What would we do if we could get a real glimpse of our eternity? The eternity that each of us will have to face eventually could be very different from the one we think we will have. Some of us will be graced with an eternity in Heaven with many of our loved ones and friends. Some of us, who have been stubborn in this life and unwilling to believe in God or Jesus and certainly not willing to give our heart to Jesus and to following Him through our lives. We want to live our lives on our own terms with no rules except our own! The independent spirit of humanity takes someone to hell every second of every day, even if they feel that they have lived a good life! Many of them would say that “I haven’t killed anyone or robbed anyone!”, really? Have you held a grudge of hatred toward anyone, ever? Have you ever taken a pen or a notebook from work? According to Jesus, the hate that we harbor in our hearts toward someone is the same as murder and as far as God is concerned, stealing and robbing are the same whether it is a pen or a pad or a bank.

Yes, we are all sinners at some point in our lives. The sins may not be BIG sins to us, but in God’s eyes and in His judgement a sin is a sin, size doesn’t matter! In front of Him a “little white lie” is just as big as a lie told to a lawyer or a teacher or your spouse. Many people today don’t even consider a lie to be a sin, but it is. We hear them every day, we see the results of them in the courts and in politics and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. But…God knows who said what to whom about the things of this world and there will be a payday someday for all of these SINS!

In many ways, people seem to look at our life here and think that they have all of the time in the world to decide to come to God and get their life straight. How do you know? When someone has a wreck in a car, did they know about it ahead of time? Not likely. What about when a stroke or heart attack takes someone’s life? Did they know that was coming on that particular day? No, not at all. I have heard of some people who have come into the kitchen for breakfast and fell over dead right there. We are not given a set date and time for these events. When you have heard a message in a church or from an evangelist on television, did you feel a tug on your heart or a voice telling you that you should give your life to Jesus? If you ignore those Spiritual callings to you, then you are walking on a very thin patch of ice above a very real torment in hell!

You can mock me or ignore me or my message, but when you kneel before God and He asks you why didn’t you answer the call of the Holy Spirit when He called, what excuse could you give? None really, because of the miracles that we see every day, the wondrous natural beauty that is around us and inside of us because our Father created us and everything to let us see Him so that we don’t have an excuse for not believing in Him. Don’t put it off.

How much….?

This is part of nearly everyone’s vocabulary in some form. How much does that cost? How much more will you take? How much more do we/I need to do? Some people don’t know this phrase much in their lives but they are wealthy enough to be able to avoid using it. So, how much do you use it? Have you heard it very much in your life? Questions that some want to be answered and some of them don’t care about the answer at all, to any of those questions.

One question that needs to be answered in your life and in the conscience of the whole world is: How much more will it take before ________?

You can fill that blank space with so many things like “the end of the world” or “people wake up” or even “Jesus comes back” and I am sure that there are others which would fit quite nicely. The Bible has many prophecies about this time in history and at the time that they were given, the images were so horrific the prophets who received them couldn’t describe fully what they were seeing. They had no reference for missiles or tanks or planes or helicopters, so their descriptions seem to be full of all sorts of beasts and fantastic things.

Life today is hard enough to make sense of without trying to figure out God’s Word and its meaning, which is why we were told to ask Him for wisdom so that we can understand the words and meanings of prophecies in the book of Revelation. When some of these visions were given to Daniel, he was told to seal the book until the end and many people have wondered why. It is because most of the things which God showed him couldn’t be understood until now. Other explanations such as the words in Zechariah about “the skin melting from their body and their eyes melting, before the body hits the ground” are vivid depictions of the results of a nuclear attack and its effect on a human body.

How much more graphic could the Bible be in its description of it? We wouldn’t want to know nor could we understand God’s reason for these things. The fallen angels or demons who fell from Heaven with Satan are confusing people all over the world with out of context scripture being taught as if it were true. Some of it is true, but when you teach some of the truth you aren’t teaching the whole Truth of scripture which is how other doctrines are brought into being. Then, new “religions” spring up with these so-called “new truths”. How much more are we going to be deceived by this tactic and these mixed up words?

Until you read God’s Word and commit it to memory and get it into your heart. That is how long the deception will continue. Many people today are moving out of “organized religion”, into churches that teach a lie for the truth because it makes them feel good or at least feel better about themselves. Condemnation is a bad word in these churches because that implies that the people are bad or that they do bad things. I have read the Bible many times, but I am not the type of person who memorizes chapter and verse. At times, I would like to quote it that way, but the Spirit brings scripture to your mind when you need it so that is the memorizing that I depend upon.

WE ARE ALL SINNERS! At some point in your life you have told a lie, you have taken something which wasn’t yours, you have wanted (coveted) something which someone else has, etc. The only One Who has lived without sin, sits at the right hand of God the Father. He is coming back to get His Bride, the Church, one day. How much more will God put up with from us and our rebellious world system? As much as He can until the last person who will accept Jesus as Savior has done so. Our everyday lives will be worse than we thought they would be, if we belong to Jesus. If you are part of the world and don’t want to hear about Jesus then your life may be in pretty good shape…for a while. Which is why many people don’t turn their lives over to Jesus. It is also why Jesus said that “it is harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle”, because they feel that they don’t need God or Jesus or forgiveness for anything.

I pray that all of you reading this will pick up a Bible today or tomorrow if you can. Read as much as you can with an open mind and heart, especially the books of the New Testament. Seek God’s wisdom for your life here and for eternity because you do have an eternity ahead of you and it is up to you how and where it will be spent!


Why should we?

Every newscast seems to be saying the same thing. That Christians are supposed to support and go along with the agenda that is being put forward by a certain lobbying group. Actually, the Bible says that we are to step back away from you and not get involved at all.

What God considers to be an abomination, we aren’t supposed to condone or accept. Why should we? If you can’t accept our beliefs, whether we agree with your lifestyle or not, who is being intolerant? According to our rights as Americans, we have the right to believe and worship any way that we please.

But, today it seems that we are labelled as haters because we actually believe the words contained in the Bible. It is not our opinion about you one way or the other, it is God’s hatred of the sinful life that you want us to accept! How would the Muslims treat you? I have heard that they are killing homosexuals. At least we aren’t condoning that!

I love you as a person, just as God does. But, it is the sin that is in your life and your lifestyle which He won’t accept. He will forgive you, IF you turn away from it and follow Him in repentance. No one can keep sinning willingly and on purpose and serve God as a Christian too, if your heart and soul has been changed on the inside then it will show to the world that you have truly changed.

I don’t think of myself as perfect, I am far from that! Yes, I stumble and fall, and say things or think something I shouldn’t, but my spirit or the Holy Spirit will convict me of it. Then I determine to repent of it and ask forgiveness. God loves you far more than you will ever realize until you come to Him and repent, asking Jesus into your heart to change you into the person that you should be and can be for Christ.

Regarding God

Yesterday, I reblogged a post about an African church and it tells how they praise God in their worship. It very likely doesn’t do them justice, but it does tell some of what they do. In our churches today, in America in some places around the world, we tend toward restraint and dignified worship. Why do we do this? So we aren’t perceived as “those crazy Christians” maybe?

David worshipped God with dancing and singing, so much so that it embarrassed his wife. Why don’t we worship God with all of our being and our strength? Maybe we don’t want to look ridiculous to others? What difference does it make?

If every person in the church was clapping and singing and dancing in the aisles, what difference would it make? To others, who were doing the same thing, it wouldn’t matter. Someone who had never seen this kind of worship, would either run away or join in on the fun! Would that be so bad? The one that ran away might think that all of us are crazy, but God wouldn’t.

Worship can be as dignified or as rambunctious and care free as it needs to be. Why would you want to go into God’s presence with a face that looked as if you had a lemon in your mouth? Jesus laughed I am sure of it and we should be happily praising God regardless of our situation in life.

Just as Jesus told His disciples: “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. 5″I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing. 6″If anyone does not abide in Me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned.… (John 15:4-6) We are to do the same. Abiding doesn’t mean just sitting there like a lump on a log. A branch grows and produces fruit, and so should we and we ought to be happy and joyous in the process!

God is our Creator and our Judge when that time comes, but when you have accepted Jesus as your Savior then He is your Father too. He doesn’t judge you anymore because you are covered by Jesus’ blood and your sins are forgotten. You may falter and fall occasionally, but you are still forgiven. His sacrifice was a one-time gift to us all and the only thing which we have to do is to accept the gift from God as it is, by faith. There is nothing that we can add to it and we can’t tarnish it by not doing anything after we get it, but you will. A grateful heart will do something for God.

You may think that what you do is small, but God can use even the smallest gesture or word to plant a seed in someone’s life or maybe to open someone’s eyes to the Truth. You may not think that what you said or did will amount to anything, but God can use it in ways that you might never imagine. This blog can make an impact in someone’s life and I pray that it will.

Come, let us see Him!

Nativity-29The angels told the shepherds about the birth of the Christ child. The wise men from the east knew of Him from the scriptures and from the prophecies in them. Yet, the teachers and Pharisees didn’t pick up on the prophecy of Bethlehem being the birth-place of the Messiah. What happened? Could’ve been that nobody considered the birthplace of David as the birthplace of the Messiah or maybe they just weren’t thinking about the timing or possibly…well who knows what or who they were looking for if anyone.

Our Lord, part of the Trinity, clothed Himself in flesh to become part of our world in order to redeem us to the glory of God. Whether you believe in Him or in the Bible or not, it doesn’t matter because in the end everyone will see and know He is the Redeemer and the King of Kings.

But, when He arrived He came as a little baby but He was still God, enrobed in the flesh of man. Many deny that this could happen, but the Bible clearly states that He was born of a virgin, God created Him inside her, therefore He was of God the Father and not man’s nature. Jesus is and was God in the body of mankind and grew just as any child did. It is not a hard thing to believe this, if you believe that the Bible is true and inspired by the Spirit.

The angels told the shepherds about Him and they came to see this thing which God had deemed necessary to reveal to them first! After they saw, they went out and told others of their knowledge of Him and Who He was, even at His birth, the Messiah. People considered this and pondered over it, but in time they forgot about what they were told. “It was only told to us by shepherds, how could they know?”; this was very likely the words used as people scoffed at the news and whether it was true or not. How much like today this is, when people come up with all sorts of explanations for the miracles of God, whether it was the miracles that brought the Israelite people out of Egypt or the parting of the sea. Science and man have thought up all sorts of “explanations” to discredit God as the cause of anything from Creation to the return of the Jewish people to their home after nearly two thousand years.

The Creator Who can bring about creation by His spoken Word, can do anything that He desires or plans to do. He is not surprised by any of our problems and yet we try to see Him as being limited as we are, how foolish! Paint cannot tell the painter which color to put here or there and it cannot request to be blended a certain way so that it is a prettier shade of purple or blue. The creation, whether it is an animal, a star, a planet or man cannot dictate to God how or when it is to be used and for what purpose, He is the Creator and our place and purpose are dictated by Him. The difference between us and the other parts of creation, except for the angels, is that we can choose not to obey Him. We have a choice regarding whether we will believe in Him and trust our lives and our purpose will be used by Him in the manner in which He desires. If we choose to follow Him and serve Him because He loved us before we made that decision, and loved us enough that Jesus died and was the first born from the grave so that we would be granted His righteousness if we humbled ourselves and became His through Jesus.

Eternity is granted to us through Jesus’ sacrifice, forgiveness is granted through the blood of Jesus, adoption into the family of God is granted through His Grace. What more could you possibly ask for? In the world today, many people see this question as a silly one. They want everything! A bigger house, a nicer car than their friends, more money and enough of it to retire and never work again, these are the blessings that the world and everyone in it seeks. The problem is that these things are temporary and only for this world. Your eternal home is Heaven, where there will be no more death or sorrow or burning heat or bitter cold.

The place prepared for Satan is entirely different altogether. Darkness rules there. Not the kind that we know, but one that can be felt and it burns. The heat and the lack of water and coolness for an eternity will be part of it too. I am not speaking of a heat like we feel on Earth, I am talking of a kind which would kill us but in that place you will have an eternal body, but you will be totally out of God’s presence. Away from any semblance of life and you will be near or in the lake of fire which burns for eternity as well. This place was not prepared for man, but for the demons and Satan who rebelled against God and for the Anti-Christ and his false prophet. Anyone who is, by choice, against God and chooses to reject Jesus as their Savior will end up here too.

Christmas is the time that we are to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, the One Who can save us from this place if we will believe in Him and ask Him to come into our lives and live His life through us so that others can see Him too. God bless you all for reading this and pray for our country, it sorely needs prayer and God’s grace.

In His Service.


Have you heard from the Word of God lately? Many people don’t want to hear someone preaching from the Word because it is God’s Truth. Some don’t think that it is true or that it is God’s Word, they think that the Bible is just a book of stuff, stories made up by some bunch of old guys which tell a little about historical figures and some of them are good stories but that is it, nothing more. Have you ever really listened to it, really sat down and read it? The Bible is about much more than Jewish history and the kings which ruled Israel, it is a condensed history of the world itself, from the viewpoint of God’s chosen people.

Why did God choose the Jewish people? I don’t know, ask Him? The Word of God is living and alive because when you read it with faith and pray for understanding, it doesn’t matter how many times you read it…you will find something new, even in the same passage or chapter. If you can read it with no faith, just as a book and nothing more and it doesn’t have any effect on your soul or your life, then I feel sorry for you. I pray that a sermon from the Bible will touch your heart, that a verse will open your eyes and prick your soul to want to know the God of the Bible and His Son.

The time that has been foretold in Revelation is coming soon, whether you believe it or not. This generation will see it, will experience it in one way or another. The message that is contained within the Bible is one which points you to Jesus and to His saving of our souls through His sacrifice of Himself on the cross. He did it out of love for us, all of us, not just because He had to but because He wanted to do it. We are all loved by God but our sins are not and that is what Jesus came to save us from, our sinful nature, our rebellious nature, the one that says “Yeah, I know you said that I shouldn’t do this, but I am going to do it anyway.”

If we could just get our “buts” out-of-the-way and out of our life as we go through it, knowing what we should and shouldn’t do “but”….if we could just stop injecting that part of us into the equation of our lives then we would be so much better off. But…that is our nature, it is just us being human, being the people who God made us to be. Except, He didn’t make mankind to be that way, it happened when sin entered into the world that God had made. Yes, there are many truths found in the Bible, in God’s Word if we will read it and learn from it.

Allow yourself to hear the Word at a church, read from God’s Word and pray that God will show you the wisdom that He has for you, don’t close your mind to His Wisdom. He loves you for who you are in Christ, not your sinful lifestyle. If you feel His call on your heart, answer it and tell Him that you need Him in your life because you can’t do it on your own. Seek Him and His Kingdom through the study of the Bible. He will come into your life and change it into what it is supposed to be.


Are you OK?

How many times have I heard this on a day to day basis? I have no idea, some days I don’t hear it at all and some days it seems that someone is asking me this at least once every fifteen minutes. I must not look like I am doing very well when people keep asking me this, huh?

Is it possible that my own life or my anxieties show through the thin veil that covers my persona? Is that what the rest of the world sees, instead of what is in my heart and my life? I suppose the worries and anxieties that I have could have that effect on the way that I look or act, so the people see me as whatever that makes me. Normal.

Yes, I am OK. I am normal just like most everyone else, except I have an advantage that many people don’t. I have a risen and living Savior, Jesus Christ! He came to our world as a baby, helpless and unable to walk or talk. The amazing thing about Him is that even as a baby, He was and is God. We have to let Him grow up and get out of the cradle though, otherwise He will not help us to grow in our faith and learn more about Him.

I know, many people today don’t really want to hear about Jesus. Well that is too bad. If you don’t want to read about Him, then find another blog to read. I have been given  a wonderful gift from Him and that is to be able to write as well as the fact that He saved me from my sinful ways. He loves each of us far more than we deserve to be and He forgives us for all the things that we have said and done when we ask Him to come into our lives.

To answer the first question: Unless you have Jesus as your Savior, no you are not OK! None of us, regardless of our denomination or race or culture can truthfully say that we are OK. The rest of the world says that we are. Our friends may say that we are, but spiritually we are not. Because we cannot be OK on our own merit or with our own concept of religion.

Many people would tell me that “I don’t have my own religion!”, but today many people actually do. They may not realize it but it really is possible. Your doctrine or your church may have specific “steps” or rituals that have been used in the church for years and these can become blocks that get in the way of your relationship with Jesus. Even your job or the amount of money that you make can get in the way of your relationship with Him.

“Why do I have to have a relationship with Jesus?” is a question that many people want answered. The answer or the reason for this is because your salvation was purchased with Jesus’ blood and His death and resurrection. In more modern terms, if you were about to go to prison for a life sentence and would never be able to get out and before you served your sentence someone came forward and said that they would take your place, how would you feel? If you owed about a trillion dollars and were unable to pay and were going to lose everything and go to prison and someone came and paid the entire amount for you, wouldn’t you want to know this person? I would!

God loves each of us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins just so each of us can be OK in His sight! The spotless Son and Lamb of God came to be the sacrifice that would take away the sins of the entire world.

So much misconception about God

Why is our world so confused about God? Is it because He is not something or someone who can be seen or touched? I don’t believe so, since the founders of other religions are dead and cannot be contacted or touched either. The difference is that our God can be contacted and He will answer those prayers! Whether the answer will come on your schedule or not is irrelevant because God answers on His time and not yours.

God loves all of humanity, that is why He sent His Son to be the sacrifice that took the sins of all of us, past, present and future, and paid the price for them all. Our only response, the only one that is required of us, is to acknowledge that we need Him and accept that He paid that price for each of us. Then ask Him to come into our lives and make us more like Him. Once that is done, and we have taken the steps in our life to turn away from our sinful ways, we must let others know about Him!

I know that many people don’t want to testify that they have changed, that their lives have been changed by Jesus but if the change has happened people will see it in your life whether you tell them or not. The misconception that many people have is that they cannot know God.

The Bible is a collection of writings that were inspired by the Holy Spirit and in some cases, such as the books of Moses, were given directly by God Himself to the writer. All of these books are God’s way of advising us on living our lives through Hiim and for Him. God also expresses His love for us through these books and the wisdom contained within them, all we have to do is read and study them and ask Him to help us to understand. There is a passage in the Bible that says something like this, “if you feel that you lack wisdom, ask it of Him and He will give it freely”. Now that is  paraphrase, but you get the idea.

God is not someone who is billions of miles away, He is here. He occupies the entire universe and He can live in your heart if you ask Him to. You are never very far from Him and when you feel alone remember the only one who may have moved is you! God has always been close by although He will not barge into your life. He waits patiently for you to ask Him to come in.

God is the Creator and the One who sustains the universe and all that is in it. Jesus is the living Word that came to earth and became a man to take our sins and the punishment for them to the cross. He is the reason that many have trouble with accepting Christianity. They don’t want to accept Him because many do not believe that the Son of God would do what He did.

The love that God has for us is one that we cannot comprehend because it is far above what we are capable of. Yet it is because of that love for us that He came to suffer through life as we do, to be as we are in every circumstance and yet follow the will of His Father even unto the cross to pay for our sins.

Can we know God? Can we get to know Him like the prophets knew Him? Yes, we can! He wants to get to know us and He wants that relationship with us. All that we have to do is ask Him into our lives and study His Word prayerfully so that we will gain an understanding of just Who He is and what we should be doing.

We are sometimes to proud to admit that we need Him until some problem happens in our lives that punctuates the fact that we cannot handle life by ourselves. At those times, even those who claim that they don’t believe in God will seek Him! Whether they make a life-changing decision to allow Him into their lives is another topic altogether, but they will look for Him until something or someone directs them elsewhere.

Satan is very good at directing us to look to ourselves or to something in the world besides God. It is what he has been doing since the beginning and his ability to deceive us is a finely honed skill that he is very proud of. Satan is capable of twisting scripture to a point that you will think that you have found “religion”, and you have but you haven’t found Jesus!

Religion, in all of its forms in the world, cannot save you from your sins. Only Jesus and asking Him to come into your life and your heart can do that. The choice must be a sincere and honest one, not lip service. Saying some words and getting emotional about it doesn’t change much. If the repentance of your heart is not genuine, God will know. Read and learn from the Bible. God to a real church that preaches from God’s Word. Give your heart to Christ and ask Him to cleanse you from your sins. Once you have done this, your life and your character will change and you are a new creation. Your family will see it as will your friends. Everything will change because you belong to Him and He will live in and through you! That is my prayer and hope for all who read this.