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Which will you choose?

We have many choices in life. What clothes to wear to school? Which shoes to put on today? What will you or I eat for lunch today? Will I attend college or go to a trade school? All of these choices are part of life in many countries today, but in many others people, especially […]

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Lucifer…Bored!? How in the world could anyone conceive of such a thing? He is in charge of Hades or Hell, whichever you want to call it, and the torment of all of the souls who are there. He has at least two-thirds of the world worshiping him in one form or another and is tormenting […]

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Choices that we make

“My real problem is that I don’t want to live up to the standard that Jesus demands.” This from a university student speaking to Dr. Billy Graham in New Zealand after the 1959 crusade that he held there. There is the problem which many people in the world today face about turning their lives and […]

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