Which will you choose?

We have many choices in life. What clothes to wear to school? Which shoes to put on today? What will you or I eat for lunch today? Will I attend college or go to a trade school? All of these choices are part of life in many countries today, but in many others people, especially children, don’t have as many options. In some areas of America, children go hungry at night..sometimes for days at a time. Although most of the world wouldn’t believe that, it is true and it is a very sad fact.

Why do I call it a sad fact? Because for some of those children, maybe more than most people realize, the reason they are without food is because their parents are addicted to drugs. It may be because of an injury or some other problem which gets them addicted, but once they are, they don’t care about much else except staying pain-free and that usually involves getting high.

I don’t intend to sound all high and holy or any of that. I have some severe pain and I have been given some opiates for that pain…I didn’t like the way they made me feel. The point of this post isn’t really to point a finger at anyone, in fact, the situation which many find themselves in, seems to be almost normal today.

We search for a way to feel good about the life that we live. We search for a way to have more stuff and make more money. Some even preach that God owes us and that He should supply us with what we want in this life. That is not how God’s laws work! He is our Creator after all, He isn’t required to give us anything above our actual needs!

heaven-or-hell-eternal-destinyGod loves you beyond any measure that we can understand and the grace that He extends to each of us in the offer of eternity is beyond any monetary amount which can be gained in this life! Our pitiful attempts at being immortal, whether with fame or cryogenic preservation, will likely be futile. Consider that the only reason which our country’s founding fathers are remembered is because of their place in history, nothing more.

Which of us will be remembered beyond our obituary? Our family may remember us for a few days or weeks, but very few others will, even if we considered them our friends. So, which direction on the path will you choose? Will you choose to follow Jesus into Heaven and eternity or will you decide that you know best how to live your life and that your version of being dead with no eternity is the way to go?

The problem with that is this: there is an eternity in which to live! Your choice determines whether you live in Heaven with God or in hell without Him. The Bible describes the eternity without God very well and it isn’t a place which our eternal body was destined for at all! Satan only wants those who choose not to believe in Jesus to make that choice because he knows that it hurts God and he is determined to do that as much as possible. Satan doesn’t care about you or your eternity but he will lie to you about it in order to get you to go there.

Don’t make that choice which leads you into hell. Believe in Jesus as your Savior and follow Him, then your eternity will be with Him.



How in the world could anyone conceive of such a thing? He is in charge of Hades or Hell, whichever you want to call it, and the torment of all of the souls who are there. He has at least two-thirds of the world worshiping him in one form or another and is tormenting others, through disease and war, rape and murder. Why in the world would anyone think that he is bored? Contrary to the belief that many have today, he is not in hell yet. He is roaming around on Earth with us!

Granted, there are millions of demons and spirits to do the tormenting for him in most cases, but someone has to oversee them. He has been busy at this since that moment in the Garden almost six thousand years ago and he was starting a war in Heaven long before that. Bored? He is probably laughing at the idea, but I am sure he is encouraging those in Hollywood and Washington, DC in all of their endeavors.

Lucifer or Satan, as he is known now, has plenty to do. He keeps many preachers and churches going in the world. He likely attends services more regularly than many people who claim to be Christians. Our world is messed up and it is due to his influence and our gullibility in following his lead. Life, every day life, is his playground because he has so many people in the world fooled or so sick until they can’t see straight. How could he possibly be bored! He has all of humanity in his grasp and he tries to deceive the churches and Christians in those churches into believing that either he doesn’t exist or that he can’t harm me because I belong to Christ. What foolish nonsense!

Christians are his targets of choice because if he can make you stumble or fall into a sin, no matter what it may be, then he can destroy your witness. If he can do it so that your child or a friend sees it, and decides that your “belief” is not real then he can stop them from becoming a Christian. Which is exactly what he wants. Satan will lead as many CINO (Christians In Name Only) into hell as he can and he will lead their families too. You can claim the name of Christ, get all emotional and even be baptized but if it isn’t real all the way down to your heart and soul, then you are NOT a Christian!

That is Satan’s job right now but deception has always been his job and he has had thousands of years to perfect his craft. His demons have also had many years to perfect their form of deception and thievery. Why do I call it thievery? Because they steal your health, your children, your job, your home and everything that means anything to you…especially your marriage. These things happen all the time and it is not just because of man’s gullibility it is because of these spiritual forces, demons, powers, they are called by many names in the Bible. Suffice it to say that we are subject to their ways and to their temptations.

How can we defeat them? Through the power of Jesus Christ in your life! That’s how. Not an emotional feeling at a revival but a true broken heart knowing that you are a sinner and the only way to salvation is through confession of that sin and by giving your life and your heart to Jesus. You don’t have to confess every lie, every stolen pen or pencil because we have all done that. The sin that needs confession is that you have lived your life without Jesus in it and now you know that you need Him. You have come to realize that there is no way that you are good enough to be allowed into Heaven without Him! This is the only way…the only path which leads you to an eternity with Him.

If you cannot believe this or will not believe it, then you tell God why you refused His Son’s sacrifice on the cross, why you believe that you are worthy without His Blood covering your life. I have given you what can save you and Who, Jesus Christ. All that you have to do is ask Him to save you and cleanse your heart and your life because you believe in His sacrifice for your sins. That is all that the thief on the cross could do and Jesus said that he would be with Him in Paradise. No baptism, no works, no church service…just belief in Jesus and Who He is.

Choices that we make

“My real problem is that I don’t want to live up to the standard that Jesus demands.” This from a university student speaking to Dr. Billy Graham in New Zealand after the 1959 crusade that he held there.

There is the problem which many people in the world today face about turning their lives and their hearts over to Jesus. They think that it is an intellectual problem of living up to the standard of Jesus Christ when in fact, it is belief in Him and faith in Him which changes you from the inside out. Once that happens, you are changed into a person who can follow Him like the disciples did. It is not a question of whether you can live up to it or not, the Holy Spirit will strengthen you and guide you into a life which will be able to serve Him.

It is still your choice whether you will believe in Jesus and follow Him, but once you truly repent and begin to seek Him and learn about Him then your character is changed from the inside. According to 2 Corinthians 5: 17: Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. and from that point on every action that you do can be in service to God. Praying for those friends of yours who haven’t made the commitment to give their lives to Jesus, attending church services, reading your Bible and studying it so that you can give a defense of what you believe and why. All of this will come to you as second nature after you have accepted Jesus as your Savior.

Living life without Christ is like getting on a boat and not knowing how to swim or flying in an airplane that has problems and may not make it to your destination. We all will die one day and as violent as our world has become, it would be a wise decision to begin to follow Jesus daily. Nobody knows when they may die and our world is so violent and crazy at times, just driving to the store is hazardous. I pray that I will make it to the store and then pray on the way home to get back there too.

Yes, God is with you all of the time, but it doesn’t hurt to pray for safety and mercy in the face of a possible car jacking or having a wreck on the highway. God loves us and watches over all of us, and He does have a plan for your life and mine. Seek Him out with an open mind, don’t close your heart off to the only One Who can give you eternal life. Jesus spoke of an eternity in hell too and it is a fact that after we die, we do have an immortal soul which will inhabit one place or the other, but it is your choice in regards to which destination you will be in for eternity.