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Do you know God’s name?

If I asked this in church or on the street, most people would just look at me funny. They might ask “What do you mean ‘do I know God’s name?’? It’s God! Well, yes and not exactly. Names in the ancient Near East often functioned differently than names do today. In addition to identifying a […]

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The end of the world?

At the end of the age there will be rumors of wars, earthquakes in various places, pestilence, diseases of all kinds and there will be a lack of faith and an apostasy regarding religion. These have been and are being fulfilled and yet the end is not yet. Why? Because according to God’s timing, it […]

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Do you want to believe?

There are many religions in the world and many religious people doing religious things in the name of their “god” or whoever it may be that they are worshiping. Who benefits from all of these religions? They all can’t be true so where do you go to find the Truth? When man was placed in […]

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