Do you want to believe?

There are many religions in the world and many religious people doing religious things in the name of their “god” or whoever it may be that they are worshiping. Who benefits from all of these religions? They all can’t be true so where do you go to find the Truth?

When man was placed in the Garden of Eden, if you know of the story, who was there to talk to and walk with him? God, Elohim, the Lord of Hosts, the Creator that is who. The Creator and Master over all came and walked with man in the Garden. But, there was also another there who hated man and his Creator, Satan. He was there to tempt and beguile and twist the words of God so that he could cause pain and suffering to come into the world.

That is where all of the suffering and anguish came from. God said that His creation “was good” and if He pronounced it good, then it was. There was no suffering, no death, no pain until Satan caused man and his mate to fall for his lies or his twisted truth. The religions that came into existence between the beginning and today, other than Judaism and Christianity, were all brought to fruition by Satan himself. By manipulating and appearing to prophets as an angel of light he could easily convince anyone that he came from God. He was named the light-bringer at one time before he decided to claim the throne of God so nothing is too hard for him to do except that he can’t be God.

Satan’s truth is twisted and causes humanity pain and suffering and always has. He is the father of lies and the truth is not in him at all, but he can make it sound so good and convincing that we believe his lies until it is too late and then he just laughs at us because we fell for it. When we fall for the lies of Satan we are susceptible to any of his ways. The only way to resist him is through Jesus and the power of His name and by accepting Jesus as our savior. Once you do that, Satan can still tempt you and harass you but he won’t have complete control over you.

Our God loves us all and wants us to come to know Him as well. Get to know Him through His Word, the Bible or by going to a Bible teaching church but please go regardless of the so-called hypocrites that you may know there. God put you here for a reason and you won’t find it out until you come to Him. Your life will be so much more rich and fulfilling in service to Him regardless of your occupation in life and the plan for “after life” is much better than Satan’s alternative!

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