The blessing of the Lord

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Numbers 6:24‭-‬26 KJV

This blessing is the kind that the Lord gives to each of us. We can bless each other with it and use it to bless our children too. In the world that we live in today, they need this blessing whether they know Jesus as their Savior or not. God is the Creator and He ordained His blessing to each person who will accept the gift of grace and forgiveness that comes through your belief in Jesus for your salvation.

Life is too short for us to be against each other the way the world wants us to be today. But…the news is full of stories that show that we are willing to be at odds with each other even over little things that don’t matter at all. Someone turns into the wrong driveway and they get shot. A person knocks on the wrong door and before they can explain, they get shot. We are far to quick on the trigger these days. I pray that everyone will seek some wisdom from God’s Word after reading this post because it is desperately needed today.

You are loved by God more than you realize. I mean, if He cares for every sparrow that falls from the sky, how much more does He care for you? Jesus said that the Father knows when each bird (sparrow) falls. He loves us because we are created in His image and He sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him forever. All that we have to do is believe that He did this for us and repent of our sins and follow Him until the day comes when He calls us home to be with Him.

God loves broken things

God is not happy when we feel broken or we are broken by something. In today’s world, many of us feel this way because of the circumstances we find ourselves in but God can bring us out of those circumstances. God can heal all sorts of illnesses and problems that we have been told can’t be fixed. God is still a healer! He didn’t stop at Pentecost! He has been healing people for thousands of years and He can still do it today.

Being broken doesn’t mean that we can’t be fixed, it just means that God will prove Himself in a way that we will notice. Sometimes the healing takes the form of death because it is the best cure a Christian can receive. Those who are left may think that God couldn’t heal their loved one but God made them more alive than they ever could be here. In heaven, we are in glorified bodies that will never decay or wear out and we have no disease or infirm problems like we have here.

When you feel that your life is not what it could be, seek God’s provision for your life. He can provide and He will when you are seeking Him. He will answer your prayer in His time and in His will for your life so don’t put it off, decide to follow Him every day as you live and breathe in this world. Then you will have an eternity to be with Him and be in His presence one day as well.

God’s Servant

So many times I have wanted to be more of His than I am and it is difficult to consider what it would take to be that close to God. The fifty-third chapter of Isaiah tells of the Servant of the Lord who went through agony and pain for Him and even though it is in the “Old Testament” it is speaking clearly of Jesus Christ. God loves each of us because He put each molecule of our being together before we were born. Lovingly crafting His children, even though some would not accept Him, because their gifts and abilities would be useful in this world. Some would not be useful to Him but they would be useful in the world that they lived in. Discovering cures or treatments or ways of doing things that others might not think of, would be their gift.

Being a servant of God is a calling. It is not something that you choose to do on your own. Just as accepting the call of God in your life to be a preacher, being a servant of God is something that is serious. Although, many people don’t seem to look at becoming a Christian as a calling that is exactly what it is. You wouldn’t be looking for Jesus if He had not called you by touching your heart and letting you know that the part of you that feels empty needs Him to fill it.

All Christians are called by God to become followers of Jesus, so it truly is a calling. Living your life by that calling every day is not an easy task but with His Holy Spirit touching your heart and strengthening you it can be done. Though it may not be perfect, since we are human, you can live it every day because of His strength and His grace in your life. I pray that everyone who reads this will seek Jesus to become their Savior soon because the time for the church age is coming to a close. We don’t know the day or the hour so be sure you are ready when that Trumpet sounds.

Growing up broken…

I never discussed how I felt about our family situation during my childhood. It never really came up because nobody asked me. I know that I’m not the only person to have gone through this but it is part of my testimony so here goes.

In kindergarten, my life seemed to be fairly normal but at the age of five, my parents got divorced. I won’t go into the reason for it because I didn’t learn about it until much later in life because it isn’t relevant here. As I grew up I went through a lot of periods where I tried different things like Eastern philosophy and meditation. I didn’t know what I was doing but I was trying to find some meaning for life itself I suppose.

When I felt the call from Jesus, I could barely believe that He wanted me. Why? Who would want me, especially Jesus? He chooses each of us for His Kingdom and for the message that we can tell others about what He has done for each of us. Your ministry comes by telling your story, your personal story. Each of us has a story to tell. It is our example, our witness because of what we have lived through. God calls us because of our humanity. Sometimes our humanity causes us to feel like we are less than others but sometimes it is our weaknesses that God uses to show His strength and power through us to others.

Weakness shows the strength of the Holy Spirit which is your helper. God loves us enough to make us able to endure the trials that will come upon us. I pray that if you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Savior, please seek Him as soon as you can. Not one of us is guaranteed to be here tomorrow, so make sure of your salvation today.

Pain and…

I left the end of the title open because it needs to be. All of us go through life with pain at some point. Arthritis, achy joints because of age or other problems, or plain, worn-out joints, so just getting up from a chair or bed is sometimes painful. Whether this causes us “suffering” is an individual thing. The pain can be sharp or intense sometimes but most days it doesn’t last for long. On other days the pain is a constant ache and it seems to become less achy as the day goes on but it never really goes away. What is my point in beginning my writing today in such a manner?

The point is that each of us has to deal with pain at some point in our lives. Sometimes it is because of age or disease. Sometimes it is because of the loss of a family member or a close friend. In either instance, the loss is felt deeply and it may take a long time for us to learn how to handle it. Emotional pain is the kind that never goes away. We need to seek God’s strength to help us through it every day.

Our world and the problems that we have to live with each day are caused by the sin that Adam brought into the world. We can’t fix them on our own and we can’t fix the problems brought on by the sins against God in the garden. Our sins cause the problems that we have in our world today. We can’t blame the problems that we have today on our parents or grandparents. Our world and its tribulations were brought on because of our sinful ways today, not because of someone else’s actions that were done years ago.

Jesus said that we would have trials in this world but He also said that we should have faith in Him because He overcame the world. Have faith in Him for your salvation and your provision for today and tomorrow and for your eternity that is to come. He is the only way to gain access to Heaven. It is our faith and belief in Jesus that brings us salvation and nothing else.

God gave first

One day many years ago, Jesus came into my life and it changed me forever. It didn’t change me immediately but it did make a change in my life that lasts until today and will be with me into eternity. God determined from the very beginning that mankind would need a Savior. He told Adam and Eve that the Seed of the woman would one day crush the head of the serpent and the Seed was Jesus Christ. God gave His only begotten Son for all of mankind’s sins. He paid the price for them but not everyone will accept Him as their Savior. God knows exactly who will and who will not, so it isn’t a surprise to Him at all.

Mankind has made up so many “gods” over the thousands of years that we’ve been here. We’ve tried to make our “gods” in our image and make them just as petty and ill-tempered as we are. Aren’t you glad that God isn’t like that? Our civilization would’ve started over so many times because things would’ve always been messed up in some sort of fashion. God loves us and He has a LOT of patience with us regardless of our shortcomings. I’ve often wondered why He does this but I think the best reason is that He is God!

Jesus came to give us a way to attain eternal life in heaven. It is only through our belief in Him as our Savior that we have a chance for eternity. Otherwise, eternity will be in hell and that is not a place that anyone should want to go. It was because of God’s love for us that Jesus gave His life for our sins and all we have to do is believe in Him for our salvation. I know that sounds too easy but God made it so that a child could understand how to become a Christian.

I pray that all who read this will seek Jesus as your Savior soon.

Can a broken vessel be useful?

Can you be useful to God when you feel broken? Many of us are actually broken in some way. It may not be a brokenness of spirit but it could be because of personal tragedies. So…could you be useful to God’s Kingdom even though you are broken?

Most of us could even if we don’t feel like being useful. Most of the time, when we are broken, our spirit is broken and our emotions feel all mixed up during this broken time. God refers to us as vessels of His Spirit and vessels should be useful but if they are cracked they can’t hold much. The vessel will leak. 

Whenever God calls you and you feel broken would you answer His call? You are being called by God so the task can only be accomplished by you. If you are feeling like you can’t do it because something is missing in your life or in your walk with Him…God can fix that part and give you the ability to accomplish the task at hand. Your emotional baggage and your depression and brokenness should bring you closer to God.

All of us are broken in some way and it doesn’t take a genius to know this in our world today. With the pandemic and the wars and all of the other problems like inflation and high fuel prices, how could we NOT be broken in one way or another? So much uncertainty and anxiety about all kinds of problems that most of us can’t fix in our daily lives can cause even more of the same. It just keeps repeating.

Compounding the problems around us is the media’s ignoring signs that life is not getting better but more complicated. Then there is all of the social media drama that keeps cropping up about one thing or another that has no real meaning in the long run. Life at the point that we are living in right now has more than enough “drama” without the nit-picking stuff that shows up on Twitter or Facebook. 

There are days that I would like to go back to the days when we had AOL and email and that’s it! No cell phones, no Twitter, no Facebook, no TikTok. Granted, the generation that has grown up since 2007 could not handle being without a cell phone. But, we could truly do without most of the social media that it seems everyone obsesses over today. All of the angst that people have to handle from life itself is enough without adding to being socially acceptable and not hurting someone’s feelings.

Consider the day when the Trumpet sounds and the church is taken up to be with Him in Heaven…social media won’t matter at all on that day. There isn’t a single story or tweet or post of any kind that will be taken into Heaven and your status or how many “friends” you had on Facebook or Twitter won’t matter one bit.

The only friendship that will matter is the one that you have with Jesus. If you don’t know Him as your Savior and He doesn’t know you, then you won’t be taken up into the clouds. Knowing about Jesus will not save you. Being a member of a certain church won’t provide entry into Heaven. Only belief in Jesus as your Savior and a life that reflects a change in your heart will make a difference. So, if you don’t know Him yet I suggest you need to search Him out in the Bible, pray and ask Him to come into your heart and repent of your sinful life today! Not tomorrow or next week because none of us is guaranteed even to wake up in the morning. Make sure of your salvation before it is too late.