Doctrine and discipline

No one gains entrance into heaven by their doctrine or their discipline. The only way into heaven is by believing in Jesus as your Savior and submitting your life to Him as your Lord and following Him in your everyday life and your spiritual life daily not just once a week. Church services and the preaching you hear there are for your edification and your ability to learn from God’s Word and the preacher has been called to teach you and your church from that Word.

The grace of God is when He gives us good things that we don’t deserve. Mercy is when He saves us from the punishment or “bad things” that we do deserve. The blessings of God are when He is generous with both!

All of us who are Christians can only gain salvation through our belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior. There are not going to be sections of heaven where we are separated by our doctrine or “discipline”. You either believe in Jesus for your salvation or you don’t. There are many who will not like this news because some haven’t heard this in church…but it is true.

God sent His Son to make salvation available to us by our belief in Him and the atonement that was bought with His blood and His death on the cross. This is the only way to gain our eternity in the presence of God. Only with the righteousness of Christ by the blood of Jesus can we approach the throne of God. There are no denominations that will be preferred in heaven because the only pathway to Heaven is by belief in Jesus Christ and no other. Congregations split over small and inconsistent ideas and problems and this should not be happening but Satan comes into the church and causes it in order to split God’s people over little things. I pray that God will draw the true Christians back together as a church before it is too late.

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