Faith, how much do you need?

mustardseedFaithThis is what Jesus said, “with faith as much as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain “Be thou removed into the sea and it will move”. Matthew 17:20

Our lives, spiritual and daily, would be so much better if we used our faith and cultured our faith through prayer and reading of God’s Word. Much of our country would be in better shape if people of faith used their faith in God in the way that He intended for us to. Truly, it doesn’t take much faith but it has to be unwavering faith. The kind where you don’t doubt what you believe in, which seems to be hard for many people.

I admit, unwavering faith is not easy to achieve, especially for people who have not been in church much or at all, but with prayer and learning about God from reading the Bible it can be done. We have faith in our football teams and in lotteries, why not have faith in the Creator Who can actually DO something about your problem.

Many will question me about this because God doesn’t answer prayer in the way that you or I expect Him to all of the time. It has to do with His will in the matter. What He sees as being the best outcome, may not be your idea of the best outcome but He is God and it is His prerogative. After all, He is God.

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