God is good and He changes not

Exodus 33:19,20:
“And He said, I will make all of my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show mercy.” 20 And He said, Thou cannot see My face: for no man shall see my face and live.

God is Holy, Righteous and Steadfast. He doesn’t change nor does He sleep, and yet people in this world think that He doesn’t see what is going on around us. They consider that the Bible and the words in it are just that…words. God sees and knows exactly what is going on at all times. He does and He knows who is responsible for it, Satan. Because Satan hates us with an utmost hatred that cannot be fathomed by man. We are here enjoying whatever we have in life, not because of the graciousness of Satan, but by the grace and the love flowing from Almighty God!

If God’s presence were not here, with each of us, everyday, then Satan would unleash his hatred upon the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth. He would do this for no other reason than the knowledge that God loves us. This is why during the first part of the Tribulation times which are coming to us soon, Satan will be loosed and all of the Earth, not just humanity, will groan under his hatred. No one will be saved from it except for those who are God’s children. I am not speaking of the Jewish people, I am speaking of the Christians who will still be here at this time.

God loves all of us, even those who don’t know Him, but He will not tolerate the sinful lives that people live today. Living together, lying, stealing, murderers, those who practice homosexuality, idolaters, and those who exploit and use children for sex and other crimes. It is the sin that God hates, not the sinner. Repent and ask Him to cleanse you and bring you into the family of God. Believe in Jesus and be saved because the time is coming when it will be hard and almost impossible to distinguish between the Anti-Christ and the real One, because of the spirit of deception which will be released into the world. Yes, Satan is powerful BUT he is a created being like you or I am, God is in control!

So, how can we survive if this is coming as the Bible says it will in the book of Revelation? Well, first you need to believe in Jesus and ask Him into your life. Some preachers teach that the church, the body of believers, will be taken up to Heaven before the Tribulation begins and that may be true, but what if it is not? What if the church, most of the believers are still here when the peace treaty with Israel is signed for seven years? Many people will likely fall away from the church even more than they have in the last thirty years, because they will think that they have been taught a lie about the rapture of the church!

What then? If you are a believer then you had better dig deep into God’s Word and cling to Him even more than you did before. Don’t abandon your faith, no matter how weak your faith might have been! God is still in control, regardless of what may be happening here on Earth. Watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation to follow someone who may be all over the Internet or on talk shows, sounding so much like the one person who could lead us through this crisis. Keep your faith focused on Jesus and your eyes on God and His Word. Read it and pray about what you have read. Learn from it and not from someone who is the most watched You Tube video this week.

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