Why are we so critical of others?

In the educational arena as well as in everyday life, people seem to be critical of cultural norms, regardless of the consequences. If someone doesn’t think that you should be doing something, such as walking barefoot or wearing an earring or whatever it might be, they don’t mind saying so. Even if your religion offends them in some part or point, you will hear about it if your religion is Christianity. It seems that nobody cares if there are those who try to change your mind about other religions, but if you happen to be a Christian then you should just keep your mouth SHUT!

Criticism of a Christian point of view has been going on for a long time, but it seems to be getting much worse and out in the open today. Even our culture, whatever it might be, seems to offend some people. Going barefoot, wearing shorts or earrings, allowing your pants to ride down on your….well you get the point. Offence can be taken at any point in your daily life from someone who doesn’t go along with your ideas or your viewpoint or you culture and also those who share or attempt to share their religious views and beliefs with others.

In the Bible, we are told by Jesus Himself that because we belong to Him the world will hate us because it hated Him first. Mainly because of the Truth that is contained in Scripture about Him and about our beliefs, there is no loss of animosity toward Christians, actually it seems to be getting worse. The time of this grace period for the world is growing shorter each day, yet it is something that nobody wants to hear about.

We are given every necessary provision for our lives and yet we crave more “stuff” that doesn’t satisfy, things which can’t help in any way at all because we want all of the toys we can get our hands on. Why? Is it because the life that we have simply isn’t enough? The car or the house that we have been given isn’t enough? What happens to those things when we die? Someone else gets them or they are sold but there is no way that we get any benefit from them after our death.

The truth is that we are eternal beings, created with an eternal soul that science cannot understand or explain but that doctors know that it is there. That part of you continues on and according to the words of Jesus, we will be as He was when He came out of the tomb…flesh and blood but also so much more because we will never taste death again. We will be immortal and no longer subject to disease or death, isn’t that wonderful! I know, it is hard to accept now because we don’t have this advantage now and we can’t have it in our life now but it will be granted to us when we die.

Some people look at it and wonder what happens to those who are not Christians when they die. Do they have an eternal, immortal body too? The answer is…Yes! The problem that they will face is that they won’t enjoy their immortality. They will endure pain and suffering for eternity. These people are also the ones who say, “My God would never do that!”.

God does not condemn you to this punishment, you do by your own decision to reject His offer of grace and forgiveness through Jesus. It is your own choice which sends you to the place that was prepared for Satan and his demons alone. This place, Hell, was never meant to be a destination for humanity but when you choose to “live my life my way”, then you are following Satan’s path because that is what he did. He chose to go his way instead of listening to and living through God’s will and purpose for him.

Please, consider the consequences of your own actions and decisions. Decide to ask Jesus into your life and to live according to the Bible and His teachings every day. It really isn’t as hard as you might think.

2 thoughts on “Why are we so critical of others?

  1. SO much differents mind we all have and we needs more to grow in faith to Chrst and have same heartsa nd same mind and same opinion about the bible teaching in simpel the way to go togethers in Christ,thanks and bless and win evelasting life ,keijo sweden

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