Don’t Be An Idiot

It is useless to obtain a high level of expertise and be educated in the most challenging and practical fields, graduating in prestigious Ivy League schools if you are void of Godly wisdom. It is better for a man to have no education, and great wisdom and spiritual insight than it is for a preacher to have a theological degree and be contaminated with folly. An idiot feeds off his ego, and thinks he knows everything there is to know about everything. To be spiritually intelligent is to humble yourself, and come to the difficult truth that one has limitations, and that such Godly knowledge comes from the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Short Words of Spiritual Insight For Teenagers Who Partake In TikTok Challenges and Pranks (Warning)

Don’t let the publicity and the world’s attention steer you away from the path of morality and Godliness. By partaking in this opportunity, you have signed yourself up for a divine measure of great accountability that is bestowed upon you and those who share this opportunity. Be viligant of your deeds. Satan will come to you to promise fame and fortune at the expense of sound judgement, for the sake of likes and peer approval. Therefore, discern and count the cost of what it is presented to you. Finally, let the Holy Spirit and your God-ordained parents guide you in your online dealings: For every challenge is recorded by the angels in Heaven, and every public interaction will communicate the consequences of this life, and the life to come. Whatever you harvest, you shall eat and share amongst your partakers the fruit that is produced. Amen!

Inverses Of An Equation: Yes, Satan can “do the math”! Yikes!

If there is anything I looked forward to on a daily basis at school, it was the opportunity to solve some algebraic equations. As a student who is in an advanced algebra 2 curriculum, equations and graphs are a regular part of the lesson plans. Today, I want to show you a spiritual conundrum that I came across in my meditation and examination of the Scriptures. I pray that this will challenge you to see spiritual truth in a new way.

Inverses of Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

now, this is the part of my presentation where I get to show you the complex world of algebra. So, bear with me.

My math class recently did a study on logarithms, exponents, and solving equations. Among one of the subjects emphasized was the inverse equation.

A logarithm is an inverted form of an exponent. In simple terms, an exponential equation is a mathematical model in the form f(x) = a^x, where each variable (or letter) represents a specific value. Here, f(x) is the same thing as “y”, which is the number that is next to the equals sign. This is the output (or result) of our equation.

For example, let’s say we wrote the equation 3^2 = 9. If we wanted to convert this equation into a logarithm (or the “inverse”), the equation would read log3 9 = 2. Here, the output of our previous equation is now our second number in our new equation. The exponent (^2) becomes our new output. However, here’s the trick! The base (3) has not changed, except it is now a log base instead of an exponential base.

You see, the key to finding the inverse of any given equation is to manipulate and rearrange the numbers. We may have the same (or similar) numbers, but they are rearranged and manipulated into different directions, forming a completely new equation.

Inversion: Satan’s Manipulation Strategy

Now, you may ask how an algebraic equation relates to spiritual truth? Remember how we manipulated our numbers to find an “inversed” version of an equation? What I just showed you is a physical representation of Satan’s manipulation and inversion techniques. The principle is: Whatever good and beautiful thing God initiates, Satan inverted and manipulates. So, if God wants you to love your wife, Satan would use love as a weapon to tempt you to LUST after someone. The old is the Godly, and the new is the perverted.

Let’s apply it to what we see in Scripture. First, let’s use the mark of the beast. Revelations 13 describes a time where the world will have to choose whether or not to receive a mark as a way to pledge allegiance to the Antichrist, ultimately bowing down to Satan. Then, there is the mark of God. This seal identifies a person as a child of God, guaranteeing in eternal life and salvation (See Revelations 9:4).

Notice that both of these seals are placed on the forehead, an integral part of the body that must be protected. If God promises us eternal life for those who live through the wisdom of the Word, Satan’s seal would give temporary pleasure for a man at the expense of his soul. Here, Satan rearranged God’s promise of eternal life by attaching it with his own “inverted” version of a seal, with an eternal price packaged in the sweet gift of freedom that does not last. Ouch!

For the next example, we will use the controversial topic of modern-day music.

In an upcoming publication on, I offer a Biblical and historical analysis of the topic of musical compositions and their subliminal messages, and how such messages have greatly impacted the church’s view on morality. My future presentation is compiled with research, as well as insight from a recent group discussion I led for my school’s Christian club. A crucial consideration for this comprehensive analysis is the application of lessons taken from Lil Nas X’s Satan video in March 2021.

A key takeaway from this investigation is that discernment is required when choosing a song. Specifically, examining and analyzing the message behind a composer’s words and melody are not always sufficient ways to classify such song as one inspired by God. The book of Psalms is a classic example of a collection of worship hymns explicitly sung and written to God, which is now recited in churches today.

Many theologians have come to the conclusion that Satan was responsible for music in Heaven before his fall, based on clues from Ezekial 28. However, such evidence is not explicit in Scripture. Thus, making this “inversion” more complex compared to the previous example. As always, we should ask the Holy Spirit for revelation and for discernment so that we may walk in obedience and righteousness.

Closing Prayer

Dear Father, in Jesus name, please lead me into all truth. Protect me from the lies of Satan. Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from the evil one. Do not allow me to fall under the great delusion that is coming and is here on this planet. Please keep my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I thank you that you are able to keep what I have entrusted you with against that day. I want to be like the wise virgins in your parable who kept their lamps full. I don’t want to grow lazy and fall asleep and miss your coming. Fill my life with your Holy Spirit’s power, guidance, truth and direction. Do not allow any sin in my life to open doors to deception. Jesus, show me what you want me to know about, if there is anything in my life that does not please you. Please teach me to walk in your ways. Teach me to value what you value and to love what you love. Do not let my faith or love grow cold in these last days. Keep your fire burning in my heart on the oil of your Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen!


Knowledge is a precious gift from ⠁⠃⠧⠒

Compromised with questions, wonders, and challenges.

Wisdom is a beautiful work of art:

A beautiful painting of colorful proverbs,

A breathtaking harmony that soothes the spirit,

And a poetic message whose words speak courageously.

Head knowledge is not but a filthy garment:

A garment which Satan pollutes with reverse ⠏⠎⠽⠡⠕⠇⠕⠛⠽⠂

And drowns in the mud of empty ⠔⠞⠑⠇⠇⠊⠛⠰⠑

That lives on a principle of scholarly pretense.

But, great is He whose teaching is spotless!

Like a rainfall in spring’s brightest hour,

divine revelation floods the surface of the land,

Delomishing the mountain of ignorance.

Profound wisdom

Don’t read the title and think that is how I feel about the words that God gives me because I really don’t feel that way. I just know that there is no way that I could come up with the words and the sermons that I preach at my little church without His input by the Holy Spirit. If that makes me a fanatic or a “crazy Christian” then I totally own that.

God created the Earth and the entire cosmos out of nothing and I do believe every word in His account of creation. Because God is the embodiment of Love which we can’t comprehend and everything which has breath praises Him in some way every day. My post today is not a very big one or even a very profound one but if you think about it…it makes sense.

God created man, Adam, from the ground and formed him with His hands. Then God blew the Breath of Life into Adam and he became a living soul. Look at two words, which I have found this by a friend of mine on Facebook: EARTH and HEART. Spelled with the same letters but only the H moves. Now here are two more words which God uses in the Bible to get us to “be still and know that I AM God”…LISTEN and SILENT, again same letters different arrangement.

God tells us to listen and be still (silent) to hear and know that He is God. The Earth is our home and it is the heart that God judges and looks at in order to know you. Simple but powerful wisdom contained in similar words with the same letters just arranged differently. How awesome is our God?

What makes you happy?

Have you found it yet or are you still looking for that person or something which will give you complete contentment? I can tell you for sure that there is nothing in this world which will make you happy. No person or amount of money or things that you own can bring lasting joy and happiness into your life. Depending upon which one of those gives you the most satisfaction, you may feel content or even happy for a while if you do have the love of your life or an amount of money which allows you to cast all of your anxiety and worry to the wind…but it will only last for a while. The stuff that you own only gives you a sense of power because you have something which someone else doesn’t. None of these will bring true happiness for very long.

Many of us do equate happiness with less stress in whatever area of life you feel that in. Whether it is through a satisfying relationship or having enough in your bank account that makes bill paying day easy and fairly stress free. But, could you have or feel happiness and contentment if, like Job, all of it was taken away? How would you feel then? Would you blame God for your troubles? Would you blame yourself?

Feeling discontent and depressed because your life isn’t working out the way that you had hoped it would is kinda natural. Most of us do feel that way from time to time. But blaming God for your trouble or even blaming yourself won’t really help the situation and could make it worse. So, what can you do constructively about the problems in your life? Particularly if the problems were brought on by something that you did or didn’t do. The first step is to admit that you had a hand or even both feet in making your problems worse. If you get that far, then seek out help from someone other than the one who caused the problem. Preferably seek out your answer in God’s Word.

It doesn’t matter if your problem is related to a lack of money or if it is a relationship problem, there is Wisdom found in God’s Word which will give you the right advice to move in the direction of fixing the problem. You have to take the advice to heart and act on it though, God doesn’t reach down and fix things as soon as you ask. He wants you to act on His advice and seek His guidance in whatever area of your life that you need it in. Truthfully, we should be seeking Him in every area of our lives before a problem arises. Not seeking His advice and His wisdom is what gets us in trouble in the first place.

The mind of the Creator

It’s a very broad and deep title, isn’t it? Although, I have wondered and marveled at God’s design of the universe for a long time. Just looking up at the night sky during any time of the year makes me feel…well, tiny and insignificant. When you realize that each of those stars out there is similar to our own Sun, yet so very far away, it is very humbling to know that God placed them there!

Even more amazing is all of the life which He created here on Earth! The complexity and yet the simplicity of the different cells and structures which are a part of all of the animals and down to the bacteria is just staggering! Yes, some scientists believe that evolution did all of that but when you look at the complexity of life and all of the different processes which go on in each cell of our bodies and almost every other creature…it is very difficult to believe that it all happened by trial and error.

I know, they call it “natural selection” but it is still trial and error. If one adaptation doesn’t work out, the next generation changes to fix it? Really? What if there was no next generation when the “adaptation” didn’t work out? God created all of life in its different kinds at the beginning. Those kinds adapted and changed as time and conditions warranted it to produce different colors and shapes of mouths or bills on birds and different colors of hair for camouflage for predators and prey.

Our God is awesome in the way that He gave each of us the ability to learn and adapt ways to work and live in any area of the world! He gave the animals the same abilities and that is why there are many different colors and adaptations in Africa and around the world. I know, scientists would argue with me on these things but looking at the world through the lens of Biblical Scripture gives us a different picture of life here.

Scientists of the 19th century and earlier tried to reconcile the findings that they were seeing with Scripture rather than beating religion down with their findings. I do believe that when Jesus returns to rule the Earth for a thousand years, most of those theories will be shown as the “ideas of man” rather than actual facts which can’t be disputed. In schools today you can’t question a theory even if it can’t be proven, regardless of how crazy it sounds.

As Jesus taught, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God“; because when you do, the knowledge will reveal itself in Scripture. Don’t try to fix God’s Word with the wisdom of man because it doesn’t work that way! Our wisdom and knowledge are given to us by Him and our ability to learn is a gift from Him to each of us to use as a testimony to Him and for Him in our world and our vocation.