Think before you act..

In many ways I feel that I have failed my son. He has seen and heard me raise my voice far too many times and there is no real fix for this. The damage is done already. So now, he will do the same thing later in life.

Your tongue can get you into more trouble than it will ever get you out of, the problem is that you usually don’t figure this out until it is too late. The title says “think before you act”, which is true but it also means before you speak too. Sometimes, that is hard to do. Some of us tend to let our tongue get more use than our brains and that is a very bad thing, especially for a pastor.

Which is why I blog a lot here. Sometimes these posts are for my benefit more than anyone else. Although, I do hope that those of you who read these posts get something from them. If there is any consolation through this site it is that I read all of your comments and if there is a prayer request in them, I do honor it in my prayers.

I pray that this next year or two will bring a revival in our country and hopefully in the world. We must get back to faith in Jesus.Strength

What do you think?

You know, sometimes people seem to be lost in thought and yet they aren’t really thinking of much. You just stare out at the world around you and you are seeing but not really noticing anything. You are hearing things going on around you but you aren’t actually paying attention to them. My teachers in school called it “daydreaming”, I think of it as checking out of the world. Sorta like having your mind and everything on pause. You are there physically, but you are not actually engaged in the world around you.

This is how I would like to spend the day, but most days I really can’t. There is just too much that needs to get done and on most days that means that I am the one that needs to do it, regardless of how I feel.

It seems that many people feel this way because I see their posts on Facebook and they are essentially saying these exact words. Why do we have days like this?

I think it is because of the condition of the world itself. Not so much of the Earth, but the people who live here. Days like this and being dazed like this are not uncommon but it does give you an excuse for not doing much during your daze.

God allows those days for contemplation and for daydreams. Why would God do such a thing? How do you think that David came up with all of those poems that are right in the middle of the Bible? Many of them were written while he was tending sheep or while he was running away from Saul. I think some of them were the direct result of a day of daydreaming.

If you have given your heart to Jesus, spend a little time in a daze daydreaming but also seeking Him while doing it. We all need to do this occasionally, just to pause the day or our activity and give our body and mind a chance to catch up or reset. Give it a try, just as long as you aren’t thinking of something really destructive, it might solve a problem or help with one.

Just a thought.

Post traumatic stress disorder, where do we go from here

There are few things that many of us will ever accomplish in life, especially the things that many of our military servicemen and women do every day. But, there are also the trials of being in the service. Trials which only those who have been there can know. The only trials which some of us may know a little about are the kind which come during times of stress and pain and danger to us or to others around us. It is true that those of us who have never been in war-time situations will never really understand them, and truly that is a good thing in some respects.

In our country, America, we are privileged to have armed men and women who, in some instances, consider it an honor to serve their country so that we don’t know armed conflict in our streets the way it is elsewhere. I served in a branch of the service years ago, in the Air Force, but being an only child I didn’t go to war or to serve in far away places. My mother became disabled and I got out of the service because I was needed more at home.

The men and women who come back from service today come home with injuries which are evident to some but then some injuries are not so evident. Yes, there are many who come home with limbs missing, some with TBI (traumatic brain injury), many come home with moderate to severe PTSD. It is this ailment which is the type which many of us civilians can relate to. Some who are in relationships which are abusive know of this condition, some who are in police service or fire service know about it too, yet their struggles are also un-heard or disregarded just as the veterans who have served and come home still feeling the effects of trials and trouble and pain.

I will admit that I have only suffered from PTSD while being a fire-fighter/EMT during my time of service in that occupation, but even though it has been twenty years or so since that time I still feel its effects sometimes. With God’s strength and His help I have been able to overcome many of its demons, but there are many who are not that fortunate. Many of our servicemen and women are plagued by it all of the time, many women are haunted by it due to an abusive relationship that they either can’t get away from or maybe are afraid to get away from. Police and firemen/women are haunted by things which they have seen during their duty tours. The biggest problem that the public has with this is that PTSD is un-seen from the outside. It is a mental disorder and one that many people, myself included, don’t want to bring to light or are ashamed to do so because of the stigma which mental disorders seem to have in our society.

We are fine, in a way, when seeing a veteran come home with a missing limb or some deformity which is visible to the outside world, but when the issue is inside everyone seems to treat you as if you are crazy! You have lost it. You should be locked up to protect society from your rantings and possible outbursts which might kill someone. This is what our society has become over time. We look at war as we see it depicted by Hollywood, but we don’t believe what we are seeing or that it could somehow break down someone’s mental fortitude. The problem is that there are things which we don’t know about in wartime or in peace, on the streets and in homes which are so violent and cruel that our minds never were designed to process those kinds of feelings and the pain that comes with them, the fear that is there but we can’t or won’t show it.

God did not create mankind with the mindset to be hateful and cruel. This came to us as a result of Satan’s influence and the fall that was experienced a long time ago, which we are still feeling the effects of today. Many of our veterans are suffering from this brain injury, the kind which doesn’t go away with pills or treatment because it is part of your memory and unlike a computer our brains don’t have a delete key. We can’t just purge these sights and sounds and pains away. You just can’t do it, whether it was caused by abuse from a spouse or parent or in the middle of a fire-fight in the middle of Ramadi or in a gun fight on main street or even when you were on the scene of a murder or a fire in a small town or a big city. These things were not supposed to be this horrific, but it is part of our world today.

The only cure, the only person that can help is Jesus. The Word of God which became flesh and dwelt among men to know their pain and suffering so that He could understand more fully and be the Helper and the Physician to heal our hurts. Help me in the process of helping those who are in need of it. The homeless vet or battered wife or husband, the cop or fireman or woman who has seen much more violence and hate than they should. I don’t have the resources to do much, but prayer can go a long way toward helping more people than we realize. At least do that for all of them.

Thinkin’ about stuff…


I really like Pooh Bear. His philosophy of life is profound and simple. Eat, enjoy life with your friends, think about…stuff. Like, how clouds look and how they get around, why is the Sun so bright, could I fly to the moon? All important questions, especially when you don’t want to think about the REAL world and its problems. Life is a question from the time that we can talk and make sentences until the day that we, in the words of Commander Data “go offline”. How can we really enjoy life when there are so many questions? Do we have to answer them all? I am only adding to the number of questions by asking all of these.

The point is that we are beings who think. Our minds work all of the time, except while we are asleep and some say that we actually solve many of our problems while we are asleep we just don’t realize it at the time. Unconscious thoughts, words, meanings and emotions cloud our thinking and crowd out the really weird stuff, but only while we sleep. When we are awake, we have news and Facebook and Instagram and conversations over our phones and computers as well as with other human beings. Not to mention the things which we really have to do, like go to work, drive the car, watch for the other people on the highway around us, then do our job (whatever that might be) and then drive home and either fix something to eat for our family or get it as take-out from a restaurant.

Your life and mine are constantly in motion. Our minds rarely have a chance to catch up with everything that we are doing, and yet I haven’t even mentioned giving time to God or Bible study and meditation, prayer, etc. It is possible to do all of these things but when you write them down…they look so overwhelming! God gave us the ability to do this but we take it for granted, because from the time we first start going to school, more things are added to our daily menu of things to do every day! It seems that we are never really caught up or that we ever will catch up. Why?

More questions. Think…think…think..what can we do that doesn’t require so much energy, so much brainpower? I don’t have the answer to that, unless you might want to play some games on a console or on the computer, that is a mostly brain-less activity in my opinion. So, without being brain-less, how about getting into God’s Word? The wisdom contained in it doesn’t require us to really think, just believe in Him and His wisdom, as well as in His Son Who made it possible for us to come to God at any time that we need Him, regardless of the circumstance.

Once Jesus took care of the atonement or payment for our sins, all that we have to do is to believe in Him and what He did and ask Him to forgive us and to help us be more like Him in our daily lives. So that we can bring His message to others and, if the Holy Spirit draws them, maybe they will want to give their lives to Him as well. Christians don’t go on jihad (except for the ones that were deceived by their church in the Middle ages), Christianity cannot be forced on anyone and neither can any other religion!

Please consider your eternal soul and really think…think this through before deciding to follow Jesus or not. The decision can be the most valuable in your lifetime, because then your true, eternal life won’t end at all!