What do you think?

You know, sometimes people seem to be lost in thought and yet they aren’t really thinking of much. You just stare out at the world around you and you are seeing but not really noticing anything. You are hearing things going on around you but you aren’t actually paying attention to them. My teachers in school called it “daydreaming”, I think of it as checking out of the world. Sorta like having your mind and everything on pause. You are there physically, but you are not actually engaged in the world around you.

This is how I would like to spend the day, but most days I really can’t. There is just too much that needs to get done and on most days that means that I am the one that needs to do it, regardless of how I feel.

It seems that many people feel this way because I see their posts on Facebook and they are essentially saying these exact words. Why do we have days like this?

I think it is because of the condition of the world itself. Not so much of the Earth, but the people who live here. Days like this and being dazed like this are not uncommon but it does give you an excuse for not doing much during your daze.

God allows those days for contemplation and for daydreams. Why would God do such a thing? How do you think that David came up with all of those poems that are right in the middle of the Bible? Many of them were written while he was tending sheep or while he was running away from Saul. I think some of them were the direct result of a day of daydreaming.

If you have given your heart to Jesus, spend a little time in a daze daydreaming but also seeking Him while doing it. We all need to do this occasionally, just to pause the day or our activity and give our body and mind a chance to catch up or reset. Give it a try, just as long as you aren’t thinking of something really destructive, it might solve a problem or help with one.

Just a thought.

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