Factors which motivate

Have we become so satisfied with our life, our church, our life in Christ until there is no motivation to learn or be better? Paul said that  “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14 , what are we doing? Many churches, not just individuals, are in the this very spot. They are satisfied with what they have and where they are, which is stopping them from moving toward the “prize” that Paul was speaking of.

Satisfaction with your salvation and your life in Christ is something that we cannot live with! Why? Because satisfaction causes us to be complacent and content with what we have. Just as you cannot touch a part of a stream or river twice, memories and satisfaction with something, someone or sometime in your past cannot be brought into today.

Satisfaction and motivation are exact opposites of each other. When you are satisfied with what you have or where you are, you will never have more than you have right now. Motivation is like the escape from being slaves or having a snake in your house, it inspires you to get up and do something! Why? Because, you don’t want the snake to get comfortable! You don’t want to remain a slave to poverty and want, but until you get motivated enough to do something about it…nothing will change.

There is no huge bag of money which will fall from the sky. None of these “schemes” will make any difference in your life because 99.9% of them only take your money and give it to someone else! God loves you and even though He won’t drop a talent of gold in your yard, your eternal home sits on a street paved with gold which is more pure than any here on Earth!

Although, many people will read this (at least I hope they will), most will look at what I wrote and say that “I need the money or the blessings now, not in eternity!” God knows exactly how much you need and He can provide it but if you keep going around Him and causing more problems by spending money on things that aren’t useful or trying to “get rich quick”, then He will just sit back and wait until you decide that you can’t do it yourself!

Motivation in life is the fire which gets us out of bed in the morning, the problem is that as we get older that fire tends to become a pile of smoldering ash. This is when we lose hope in the future because we didn’t use our time or our money wisely enough in our youth so that it would be available when the fire grows cold. It is a sobering realization when you are older when you don’t have enough money to pay the bills and you can’t get a job to make up the difference.

How can I give you inspiration in this post when my own life is so out of whack? To be honest, I can’t. Yes, God loves us and He wants the best for us but when we squander our lives and our resources on things which are not eternal then there is nothing which will change in your life today, because yesterday or many yesterdays took everything that you had! Your future in Christ is assured if you belong to Him, so eternity is there to reward you. If you haven’t taken care of that part of your life, then eternity will be very different and it lasts a very long, long time.

Get motivated to do something about your life, either here or in eternity, because today is now and what you do with it will affect tomorrow. What you decide about Jesus and your life as a Christian or not will have an eternal effect on your life as well. Don’t neglect one and sacrifice the other.

What do you think?

You know, sometimes people seem to be lost in thought and yet they aren’t really thinking of much. You just stare out at the world around you and you are seeing but not really noticing anything. You are hearing things going on around you but you aren’t actually paying attention to them. My teachers in school called it “daydreaming”, I think of it as checking out of the world. Sorta like having your mind and everything on pause. You are there physically, but you are not actually engaged in the world around you.

This is how I would like to spend the day, but most days I really can’t. There is just too much that needs to get done and on most days that means that I am the one that needs to do it, regardless of how I feel.

It seems that many people feel this way because I see their posts on Facebook and they are essentially saying these exact words. Why do we have days like this?

I think it is because of the condition of the world itself. Not so much of the Earth, but the people who live here. Days like this and being dazed like this are not uncommon but it does give you an excuse for not doing much during your daze.

God allows those days for contemplation and for daydreams. Why would God do such a thing? How do you think that David came up with all of those poems that are right in the middle of the Bible? Many of them were written while he was tending sheep or while he was running away from Saul. I think some of them were the direct result of a day of daydreaming.

If you have given your heart to Jesus, spend a little time in a daze daydreaming but also seeking Him while doing it. We all need to do this occasionally, just to pause the day or our activity and give our body and mind a chance to catch up or reset. Give it a try, just as long as you aren’t thinking of something really destructive, it might solve a problem or help with one.

Just a thought.