Think before you act..

In many ways I feel that I have failed my son. He has seen and heard me raise my voice far too many times and there is no real fix for this. The damage is done already. So now, he will do the same thing later in life.

Your tongue can get you into more trouble than it will ever get you out of, the problem is that you usually don’t figure this out until it is too late. The title says “think before you act”, which is true but it also means before you speak too. Sometimes, that is hard to do. Some of us tend to let our tongue get more use than our brains and that is a very bad thing, especially for a pastor.

Which is why I blog a lot here. Sometimes these posts are for my benefit more than anyone else. Although, I do hope that those of you who read these posts get something from them. If there is any consolation through this site it is that I read all of your comments and if there is a prayer request in them, I do honor it in my prayers.

I pray that this next year or two will bring a revival in our country and hopefully in the world. We must get back to faith in Jesus.Strength

4 thoughts on “Think before you act..

  1. Its never too late to turn this around. You could always ask for his forgivenenss. Kids are resilient, they just want to know they are loved. Jesus said others will know us by our love for one another! So pray for God to forgive you, ask your son for forgiveness, and trust by faith that He can heal your relationship with your son. Ask Christ to teach you how to be more loving Father, quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.

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