God is always on time!

We are living in and through the days leading up to the return of Jesus. That is why so much is happening on the news and all over the Earth. The prophetic books of the Bible foretold of this time over 2500 years ago and the book of Revelation was written during the first century 2000 years ago. Nearly every prophecy has come true except for the “taking up” of the church and its believers. Why do I say it that way? Because not everyone in the church truly belongs to Christ.

Some people in the church are just on the membership roll, they haven’t given their hearts and their lives to Jesus because they’ve been in church all of their lives and they believe that is all that is needed. Church membership doesn’t get you or me into heaven. Belief in Jesus as my Savior and your Savior gets you into heaven. God knows who will accept His Son as their Savior and He knows when that will happen. Some people may accept Him the first time the Holy Spirit touches their hearts. Some people want to wait a while but God knows when they will give their hearts to Jesus.

He also knows who will not accept this challenge. What challenge? Living as a Christian is not easy because Satan begins working on your life and your attitude trying to ruin your witness that others may see. He might’ve helped you get whatever you wanted before you give your heart to Jesus but when you become a Christian, Satan will attempt to take everything that you have from you. I don’t mean that he will afflict you as he did with Job in the Old Testament but he will try to take you back to your old way of life.

God’s timing is true and always on time and the end will come. The time of the Tribulation is coming soon and the “taking up of the church” will happen before that. Life is changing, our time on Earth is short and I pray that you will seek Jesus as your Savior today. Because our time is short.

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