You have a mighty God, live like it!

When I am afraid,
I put my trust in you—Psalm 56:3

So many people in the United States claim to be “Christians” yet less than half of them attend church as “OHO” (On Holidays Only) Christians. How can you claim to be one and not live it each day? I know the “pandemic” threw everyone out of sync with what we were used to but if you have faith in God why not trust Him for your protection from a bug like covid-19?

I don’t mean that Christians should be on the street corners preaching every day but if we could just determine to pray for our country and the world itself for just one hour each day I believe it would make a big difference. If our churches would get a few faithful people together and all of them would pledge to pray for revival and for our world one hour each day, it would make a big impact. Especially if one person started at…say 8 am, then the next one began praying at 9 am, then the next one at 10 am, and get enough people to do this for 24 hours this week it could truly make a change in our world. I know that it would be difficult to get up during the wee hours of the morning but some people do that just to go hunting without any idea that they will be successful.

It is just an idea but our world needs radical ideas right now and prayer doesn’t have to be a constant drone of the Lord’s Prayer. Just be praying for God’s intervention in the affairs of mankind and for those on your church’s prayer list or your family even. Talk to God like you would to a friend and then shut up and listen because He might just speak to you too.

The honor of prayer

The fact that we can come into God’s Presence and ask for anything is beyond awesome and humbling, yet many people don’t take advantage of it until something in their life is going sideways. The fact that we, as Christians, have the entire Trinity of the Godhead willing to hear our prayers even about dumb things is astounding! God loves all of humanity enough that He hears whenever someone begins to confess and come to Him for repentance and salvation. I can’t even imagine the depth of love that is required for Him to even be tuned into the human race in that way!

We have the honor of being able to go into the presence of God, the Creator of the Universe and everything in it. Have you ever considered our privilege, that we can do this? God is much more than any personality or leader on Earth. He is Holy and perfect and the Creator of all, yet we can even come to Him and ask about our lost keys or our glasses. It sounds crazy but He wants to be involved in your life and mine, even in the little things. All that we do and have has come to us because of His grace and blessing toward us because of Jesus.

We have so much simply because of the grace of God and yet we act as if we are spoiled children. We want more and we want it now! God loves us and He will only grant to us those things that He deems worthy for us to have. Degrees and education are great but have you considered that the apostles were not “learned men” yet they started His Church and their teaching, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has changed the world and it is still being changed until that day when the Church is taken up.