You have a mighty God, live like it!

When I am afraid,
I put my trust in you—Psalm 56:3

So many people in the United States claim to be “Christians” yet less than half of them attend church as “OHO” (On Holidays Only) Christians. How can you claim to be one and not live it each day? I know the “pandemic” threw everyone out of sync with what we were used to but if you have faith in God why not trust Him for your protection from a bug like covid-19?

I don’t mean that Christians should be on the street corners preaching every day but if we could just determine to pray for our country and the world itself for just one hour each day I believe it would make a big difference. If our churches would get a few faithful people together and all of them would pledge to pray for revival and for our world one hour each day, it would make a big impact. Especially if one person started at…say 8 am, then the next one began praying at 9 am, then the next one at 10 am, and get enough people to do this for 24 hours this week it could truly make a change in our world. I know that it would be difficult to get up during the wee hours of the morning but some people do that just to go hunting without any idea that they will be successful.

It is just an idea but our world needs radical ideas right now and prayer doesn’t have to be a constant drone of the Lord’s Prayer. Just be praying for God’s intervention in the affairs of mankind and for those on your church’s prayer list or your family even. Talk to God like you would to a friend and then shut up and listen because He might just speak to you too.

3 thoughts on “You have a mighty God, live like it!

  1. Yeah! So many of us want to fearmonger and live “doom and gloom” as if the whole world is going to Hell. Sure, the world may be under Satan’s regime, yet God is still on the throne in control of what happens in this evil world we live in. You do not have to go door to door, passing out tracts in South Korea, although I admire those who do. You do not even need a theological degree or be an expert in eschaetology. All you need is faith in the death and ressurection of Jesus, and you will be saved. It doesn’t take knowing every Scripture from cover to cover to reach out and witness the Gospel and pray for others. You could even say hi to the person you were praying for. But, people just think it is too good to be true, and that this easy, yet complex offer of salvation requires some radical repentance or act of virtuous penance or punishment #in two seconds after conversion, and that we must “stop sinning” or speak in tongues or receive water baptism. You could do all these rituals and be a flaming devil on the inside.
    Being an occasional sinner is not being demon possessed or being an agent of Satan; it’s being human. It’s what inside of you that matters, and the effort you put in to do what God tells you to do. I am not saying we are going to be moral robots who aim at the target 100%. We are going to sin. The test is your attitude toward your sin, not the sin itself.

  2. I believe this is also why many tear each other down, especially pastors. I know Kakewood Church’s Joel Osteen has been a victim of this. These people want to put people on the spot just to test you and accuse you to see how much you know about the Bible rather than how much progress they are making, and what they are doing for God’s kingdom. Yes, I firmly believe in investigating and debunking false teaching, but some of us take it WAY too far to the point that we use Scripture as a weapon to beat and demoralize people making a difference to this world. There is a difference between being theologically sound and theologically superior. I am not just talking about the church, but myself too. Someone like Joel Osteen, who is slow to judge the intentions of others without the necessary facts, is seen as a hypocrite who condones sin, takes money from the poor, and lies to your face like he is a mouthpiece of Satan. People threw an emotional meltdown when they found the stash of money in a toilet, and we just assumed it was Osteen when we do not even know yet.
    Those who tolerate sin are seen as workers of God, when they themselves sin behind our backs, and talk all churchy, and act like Satan in front of the closet. We have everything flipflopped. The geninue preachers who are trying their best to exercise their gud-given gifts they have are seen as power-hungry prophets who twist Scripture to worship the self and buy private jets. But, people who outright practice evil behind closed doors, and sing the right notes on every hymn and preach a powerful sermon on Sunday are God’s chosen. Just messed up!

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