The direction in your life

What sort of direction does your life have? Where are you going? Do you know or have you been on this road so long until it is just a daily walk and you just do it regardless of the way it feels?

I felt that way for a long time myself. I took some different turns during my life into different vocations but most of those felt wrong or at least not quite right. Have you ever done something like this? Most of us have during our lifetime at one point or another. Why am I bringing up “directions” in this blog? Because we are given directions as Christians. We are supposed to go in the direction which Jesus points us in. Not the direction which we want to go in our own prideful ways.

Walking in the path which Jesus walked is not an easy path. It is not a wide and easy pathway like many people do walk through life but it is the pathway which leads to Heaven. Will your walk with Him be easy? No, it won’t because Satan doesn’t want people to help God establish His Kingdom. Your spiritual life, once you have given your heart to Jesus, is one which follows Jesus and tells others about Him and how they can have an eternity with Him too.

Why is that important?

It is important because Jesus said that His disciples should go into the world and tell people about the good news which came with Him. The good news, the gospel of salvation, was foretold all the way back in Genesis. It pointed the way to the One Who was to come to save mankind from their sins. If you are a Christian, that is your direction in life and your purpose. At least it is your ultimate purpose.

So, why do so many people seem to be stuck in their vocations? Sometimes they are in a job which they don’t even like nor enjoy doing but it pays the bills so they stay in it. It is because of economics mostly and because the jobs which are out there may not suit you as well as the one you have. Even if you don’t like it very well. Can we change our calling? Sometimes we can. But, if you are a Christian your calling is telling others about Jesus. Isn’t that different from your purpose or even your direction in life? Not really.

A janitor or a house painter can still tell others about Jesus. A nurse or lawyer can tell others about Jesus. It doesn’t matter which job or vocation you may have or which you are working in, you can use it as a platform to tell others about Jesus. In our politically correct world today it could get you in trouble or even get you fired, so find a way to be vocal about your faith without confronting people directly in your job. Like blogging for instance.

You can tell as many people as will be seeking Him by getting your message, His message, on the Internet. I pray that someone who may be searching for Jesus will find Him or maybe a reflection of Him here. Because I can’t get into the world and into all of the countries which can access this site but God can bring as many as He wants to see and read these messages. I pray that at least one of these will touch your heart and draw you to my Savior and yours, Jesus the Christ.

God is in control!

There is nothing which escapes His eyes and there is no place where you can hide your deeds from Him. So why do people today believe that they can hide from God? Jonah couldn’t do it. Adam couldn’t do it. Even Satan cannot hide his treachery from God. He can see the end of time and the beginning of it too, so what could possibly be hidden from Him?

Nothing is hidden from Him.

Don’t believe the lie that night or some building can hide anything that you do or any thought that you have from the Almighty. He knows us in ways which none of us can know or even understand. I pray that any who read this will seek Him out in His Word and repent of their sins and ask for their Savior to save them from God’s punishment. Our Lord doesn’t punish or send people to eternal punishment but your decisions and your own ways send you there. Making the decision to ignore the salvation offered to you through Jesus is the unforgivable sin which will send you to hell.

Yet today there are many which tell others that there is no eternal punishment but Jesus spoke of it and it is in God’s Word. You can test this if you wish but there is no escape from this place of punishment. You receive your blessings in this life and in your daily walk with Jesus so seek His wisdom and His will for your life and then go and do that which you find. God’s will for us is contained in His Word if we will understand it and if you have trouble understanding it then ask Him for understanding and He will give it.

The salvation of all is available to all if they will receive it into their hearts and live by it. Those who rush in during a sermon and accept the prayers of the church but do not change their life or their ways have nothing to show for their “conversion” except an emotional outpouring. When your life isn’t changed after meeting Jesus then there was no conversion in your heart. You just met Him and then walked away, joyful yes but unchanged which is a sad state which you find yourself in.

Do not turn away without a change in your life because the chance to give your heart to Jesus may not come again. Seek Him in your daily walk and trust in Him for your salvation today because when you breathe your last breath here you will stand before Him. Don’t stand before Him without His Presence in your life.

Who is Jesus the Christ?

Why did I write it that way? Because Christ is not His last name, it is a title! Christ, Christos, and Messiah all point to Him because He is the Messiah. He didn’t stay dead in that tomb. He was a prophet and a King and our Creator. He was a dark-skinned man but He was the Son of God, yet He came to save the entire world from their sins IF they, you and me, will believe in His work of atonement for your sins.

So why is there so much hatred in the world today? Is it because of their rejection of Jesus? Some of that hatred is because of Him and the Truth which He represents. The other instances of hatred in the world are due to the work of Satan and whether you believe it or not he is real and at work in the world. God sent Jesus into the world because of His love for us. God values even one person’s soul beyond all of the wealth of the whole world! That is why Jesus said, “you could gain the world but lose your soul“, by the “world” He meant the wealth of the world.

Could you even imagine the wealth of the world? I can’t. I have tried to research it and it is in the trillions of dollars, but what good will that do you in eternity? You can’t take one cent with you when you die and no amount of money will stop death from taking your life. God values just one of our souls being worth more than the wealth of the whole world. Imagine what value He places on all of the children that have been killed in abortions over the years?

Seek out Jesus as your Savior while there is still time. You don’t know when your life will end, none of us do, so make sure of your eternal destination before that day comes! Jesus came to open a door into eternity for you but only if you will believe in Him and repent of your sins and follow Him for the rest of your days.

I’ve been reading…

Lately, I’ve been reading a couple of good books. One which was written by many different authors over thousands of years. God’s Word. The Bible. The other book is one by a brother in Christ by the name of Phil Robertson called “The Theft of America’s Soul“. I am putting the link here not because I get anything from it but because it is a good book and it is one that needs to be read by many Americans, whether they are Christian, Democrat, Republican, liberal or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

Both of these books point us toward our Savior, Jesus Christ, and He is the only answer to our world’s problems. You can agree with me or not, but our founding fathers knew it and most of America has either forgotten it or they just don’t want to hear it anymore. Life in the time which we are living in today is not hard like it was many years ago. For some, it may be, but for most in America, their lives would be considered luxurious compared to the living conditions in China or North Korea or in many places in Africa. There are many other places where life is tough in more ways than any of us know about but in reality, we have it good here.

Why is it that people are so much against our laws and the Bible on which most of those laws are based on? In the last decade, I’ve noticed that many who live here would rather turn America into a socialist country or a Communist country than to be proud of the Democratic Republic we are supposed to be!

The Christian principles which guided our country for so many years have been torn apart in the last three decades or so. America isn’t the same country now that my parents and grandparents grew up in. The principles which God placed in our hearts and in His Word are the only principles which will bring our world, not just America, back from the edge of destruction. I ask you to please pray that our country and many others that claim to be Christian will turn back to God and His principles before it is too late.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.


Trials and troubles…

All of us go through these at one point in our lives. Sometimes they actually help and sometimes the lesson which comes with them is hard to see, at first. As long as we go through them with our hope and our eyes on Jesus, depending on His strength and not our own then the outcome will be assured.

The problem comes to us when we think we can get through our trials without Him. We try to “do it myself”, and we get into a really big mess at that point. True, going it alone is part of the way that many people are taught to do but it’s not always the best option. The thing you need to remember is that God will allow you to go it on your own even though He knows what is best. Then when you do realize that “I messed this all up” you will turn to Him and just like a loving parent, He will guide you back to where you need to be.

Many people are too stubborn and prideful to allow Him to help them. Sometimes they won’t let anyone give them advice whether it is a friend or a pastor. They would rather suffer in their trials and troubles until one day they realize that they don’t need to do it this way anymore. It reminds me of the parable of the prodigal son. He wanted his inheritance and he wanted to live it up the way he wanted to without his father or his brother getting in the way (or so he thought).

If you have heard the story it goes like this: he went away with his inheritance and enjoyed it tremendously, until he ran out of money. Then there was a famine in the land and all of his new “friends” left him. He began to be “in want”. He got a job feeding swine and he was so hungry that he wanted to eat the food which he was feeding the swine. For a Jewish boy, this was the worst possible thing that he could do. Well to shorten the story, he went home and his father welcomed him with open arms and a party!

Many of us get so far down, just like he did, until there is no way to go but toward our Father in heaven. Which is exactly what the point of the story is. Our trials and troubles don’t define who we are and we shouldn’t allow them to. But in your life walking with Jesus as your Savior, you shouldn’t take your eyes off of Him either. If you don’t know Him as your Savior, the troubles which you have to go through may be His way of bringing you to the realization that you DO need Him in your life.

I hope that all who read this may come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If you have any questions about being a Christian or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments. Jesus died to pay the price for our sins and He is coming back soon to take His Church to be with HIm. I pray that you will be counted in that group and in eternity we can get to know one another. In His Love and grace until He comes again. Amen

Life ahead

Are you prepared for life ahead of you? Most people today are not. Mainly because they don’t see much life ahead of them, particularly if they have a terminal illness or maybe they are advanced in years. But God says that eternity is in front of us even after this body is gone. Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be with Him in Paradise that day. The cross and the death which it brought was not the end of life. Even though it was the end of the body, the Spirit would live on into eternity.

Most of us seem to have trouble preparing for retirement for the end of our working years (so we are told). Many don’t save up or invest enough to carry us into our later years and we miss out on the travel and the “golden years” as they used to be called. Nowadays people are working at Walmart or some other part-time job just trying to make it during those years after the job that they may have been lucky enough to retire from. Some don’t even get that luxury. They are laid off at such a late age until finding a job is next to impossible.

Your life with Jesus in eternity is something which we should be preparing for well ahead of the time, even when we don’t know when we may die. We should still prepare for it and we should start doing so as soon as we hear the gospel message and determine that we truly need Jesus! Many of us have been in church since we were children especially if we live in the South, the so-called “Bible Belt”.

But do we prepare for crossing over into eternity?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t consider our mortality until a near miss on the highway or when we get a disturbing diagnosis from our doctor. Until some of our friends begin dying before we do, death is just not part of our thinking process. Then when our grandparents and our parents die, we begin to consider that our life could end at any time as well. Even then some of us still put off any kind of preparation for eternity. I suppose we think that we will have time to do it just before the end.

The people killed on 9/11/01 didn’t have any warning that they wouldn’t be going home that night. People who are killed in car wrecks don’t have time to “fess up” before the car flips over or a truck hits them. Most of the time people who have a heart attack don’t even have the time to do more than die. The end of our life usually takes us by surprise. So much so until there is no way to prepare for it or the eternity which comes after it unless you have done so by giving your life to Jesus ahead of time. I pray that anyone reading this will seek Him out as their Savior today because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Love one another…

God told us this. Jesus commanded it. But…do we do it? Even as Christians or even a society which claims to be “Christian” in its principles, no we do not! If we did there wouldn’t be a legal way to kill your baby. If we did there would be fewer murders and rapes and other kinds of crimes against human decency and against God’s law which most of our laws were based on, to begin with. So, what happened to America?

The same thing which has happened to every other country, Christian or not. We want to do things our way, not God’s way. Even though history has shown that doing or living life by our ways and our wisdom has usually ended up badly. If you have ever read the book of Genesis, humanity doesn’t get too far before the inclination of their hearts was evil continually! This was only six chapters in from the beginning! After the Fall in the Garden, mankind didn’t waste much time before they had forgotten God almost entirely.

God’s laws are based on love. His love toward us and His command for us to love one another. But when we demand our own way and our own ideas about life and freedom to do what we want without His laws interfering, we are walking down a very slippery slope. Yes, it is permissible and easy to live with because when we are following our own ideas of “right” and not God’s law of Right and Wrong we are missing the Truth which comes from God.

In our world today people are willing to ignore God’s Word because they don’t believe it is the Truth. Many don’t believe that it is God’s Word, to begin with. Some even pick some parts of it to believe and then choose not to believe other parts which they don’t agree with! God’s Word is True from the beginning to the end and either all of it is the Truth or none of it is! So, picking some parts to believe and some which you don’t believe is not really an option!

That would be similar to believing that the Sun is going to come up tomorrow but not the next day or that gravity works for some people but not everyone. You can choose to believe or not believe in physical laws if you wish, but God put those in place for a reason. They don’t go away just because you don’t like them or you don’t want them to be true on a certain day or time. The Truth of His Word is the same. It is either true and absolute in its meaning all of the time or it isn’t God’s Word at all!

His Love for us is the same. It never is less than it was yesterday and it is never more for one person over another. God chooses those whom He will use and those that He won’t, it doesn’t mean that He loves one over the other. Yes, there is a verse which says “Jacob I loved and Esau I hated” but that doesn’t mean human hatred. God loved Esau too, just not in the same way and it was because He knew that Jacob would become the nation of Israel.

Read God’s Word and learn about Him because He already knows all about you and your capabilities and your usefulness for His Kingdom!

The Word

Have you heard that Jesus was the Living Word made flesh? Considering that He was with the Father in the beginning and it was the Word of God which brought everything into existence, I would believe it! John’s gospel tells us that He was with God and the Word was God and He was manifested with us as a man, the only begotten of the Father.

He is our Savior and Lord and He is our Creator too. There are many people who don’t want to believe in Him or the grace and salvation that He brings to us and all we have to do to receive it is believe in Him for our salvation. Then, to grow in His Spirit, we should choose to follow Him, reading His Word and studying it to know Him better and to be known by Him. This site is my only way of reaching out to the world and I pray that anyone who may be searching will seek Jesus out as their Savior and believe!

God loves us and He has loved us since the very beginning. That is why the Seed of the woman was promised so many years ago. Jesus came as the Son of God through His love for us so that we could regain our place in His house and His garden one day. Living your life as if the Word of God is null and void only makes your eternity an endless point of pain and suffering. Not because of your sins but because of the simple decision which could’ve saved you from that place!

God never intended for humanity to go to that place of torment, at least that is what I believe. But by deciding to do things your way and not His way, you are aligning yourself with Satan and his rebels. Eternity in heaven is only a decision away and I encourage you to make that decision soon. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow let alone next week. Make sure of your eternal destination soon because you may not get another chance.

and three nails. He did this for you, don’t turn away from Him.

In the Garden

And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there he put the man whom he had formed.

So the man’s days were filled with tending it and keeping it and with naming all of the beasts in the field. But there wasn’t a mate found for him. The Lord made a deep sleep to come over him and took a rib from him and closed up the flesh at the place. Then the Lord fashioned a woman from the rib of the man to be his helper.

Why would God give the man a helper?

Because God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone”. This was done not because Adam was really alone but because he didn’t have someone like himself to be with and to talk to. He walked with God at this time and talked with Him too but God was a Spirit. Surely Adam could see His feet or His back, but being able to speak face to face with another person would alleviate his loneliness which he surely must have felt.

God loved His Creation. Not just mankind but every part of it. He made everything in the universe and called it “good”, but the fall that happened later had an effect on all of creation too. Death began to be evident in creation because of the fall. Not just mankind would begin to die but stars and animals and trees and all other life would begin to die as well. Creation paid the price for man’s disobedience and is still paying the price until Jesus comes back to make things new again.

Jesus is the Savior of Creation. Not just of mankind but He will renew all of the relationships between man and the animals and when the end of days comes, everything will be made new again. See that you will be a part of His Kingdom when this happens because we will witness it and be a part of it from that point on into eternity. Amen

made new bible verse Best of God Makes All Things New Your Daily Verse

Common sense?

Have you ever wondered what happened to common sense in America? I have been thinking about it for a long time and it seems that the reason it has gone missing has a lot to do with our insistence that God is either dead or that He doesn’t care about us anymore. Of course, neither of those assumptions are true but with all of the crazy and mixed up things which are going on all over the world and in our own backyard, it does seem that we have lost it!

God loves us but I know He has a sense of humor. If He didn’t the Time of Tribulation would’ve already started by now. I implore you if you are searching for your Savior seek out Jesus in a Bible-teaching church. Read God’s Word and pray that God will reveal Himself to you so your soul will be saved from an eternity of punishment. You may think that there is no hell or even heaven but Jesus spoke of both and God’s Word speaks of an eternity of punishment for those who reject Jesus the Christ.

I am praying that there will be some people with common sense to seek out their Savior before the day which causes all of us to know Who He is and why we need Him. That day will be the day when every believer will be taken to meet Him in the clouds and those who have died prior to this day will be raised as well. When that day comes, the whole world will mourn and realize what they have missed. But…it will be too late for many on that day unless they give their heart to Him in truth before they die.