Nearly 47 years ago…

This message was given by Dr. Graham on New Year’s Eve in 1975. He talks of tomorrow’s football game being one of the biggest parts of everyone’s day on January 1, 1976. He also speaks of wars, possible nuclear war, drug use, poverty, and confusion. It is amazing and frightening to me that almost 47 years ago we were dealing with many of the same problems that we have today. Although, today’s problems are worse than they were then. In 1976 we were still more of a Christian nation than we are now. Much of the country still had “blue laws” on the books that closed many businesses on Sunday which is unheard of today. Television was not as focused on drugs for all sorts of diseases and the news actually reported real news rather than five and ten seconds worth of blurbs between drug commercials.

Much has changed in the last fifty years and none of it is for the betterment of our country. Some things are better but there are so many that are much, much worse until they outweigh the good things that have been done. If you look back at some sermons from preachers from fifty or one hundred years ago, the problems of society have not really changed all that much. The bad kids in school sixty years ago were putting gum under their desks or in girls’ hair. Now they are bringing guns and knives and drugs to school and the school can’t do much about it. I ask you to join me in praying for our country’s soul and that those who profess to be Christians will turn and become the disciples of Christ that they say they are.

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