Another day…

God has seen me through another year. It happened so fast it’s hard to believe it. There are so many things happening during this time that it is hard to know where to begin. First and foremost, God loves every one of us! He provides for us every day yet many people choose to concentrate on the things that are not going according to their plans. You need to remember that it is His plan that is important and it is His plan that will triumph in the end. I know there are many who do not see Him in the bad news all around us but He is in control regardless of how bad it looks.

With my allergies kicking up these past few days I don’t really feel like celebrating my birthday but I’m thankful that it isn’t covid or the flu. Life does have a way of showing us exactly Who is in charge whether we want to believe it or not. God is keeping His children, Israel, safe and secure and He is looking for all who will follow Jesus until that day comes when the trumpet sounds and we are caught up to be with Him.

Will life get harder one day? Yes, it will, but God is still in control. Our world seems to be so confused about almost everything these days. From which bathroom to use to the number of so-called “genders”. God created only two. Male and female. So regardless of the confusion all around, His plan has worked from the beginning until now. Is there confusion? Yes, even in the animal kingdom but God’s design has worked for many thousands of years and it will continue to do so.

How many days do you have? None of us know the answer to this. Some may have many days and some of us may not lie down to sleep tonight. The time to make sure of your salvation and your eternal home should do so today because we don’t know how many hours we may have left to us. God knows your life and He knows how many days you have left. Don’t squander them and don’t turn away from the Holy Spirit when He bids you to accept Jesus as your Savior. Because, just as the rich man who wanted to build larger barns to lay up his produce for his enjoyment, you do not know if your soul may be required of you tonight.

If you are reading this today, thank God for the day and the ability to learn about the salvation that is only found in Jesus Christ. Make sure of your eternal home now because if you do not, it may be in a place that is far from God.

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