He gave up His deity for us

God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit had always been together in eternity before the creation of the universe. This is not a myth or some raving of old men and one day soon the world will know. When sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, the Son knew that He would have to pay the price for humanity’s sin so that they could be in the Father’s house one day. If He had not given His life for our salvation by being obedient to His Father’s will, we would not have the hope of eternity.

Jesus had to give up His part in the godhead to become human and live a sinless life in order to be the spotless Lamb to pay for our sins. Why? Because it had been known by God the Father since before mankind was created. Jesus had to go through the crucifixion because it was necessary for us to have a place in eternity with God. Mankind was created to have a relationship with God and he did for a while. They were perfect and sinless until they gave in to temptation.

Why did they give in? Because God created the angels and humanity to have a choice. Love and service aren’t real if it is forced. Only if it is given. It was the ability to choose which caused a third of the angels to follow Lucifer. This is the same ability that God gave to Adam and Eve, the ability to choose to follow God’s rules and to follow Him. We still have that same choice today but there are many who choose to go their own way because they are listening to the lies of the world around them.

Money, power, fame, and other “stuff” don’t fulfill your life and it doesn’t fill that empty space in your heart either. All of us grow up having a space inside that we can feel and we know it needs to be filled but some of us live a long time before we find out Who actually fits in that space. We think it’s something like more cars or a bigger house or a younger wife or husband and sometimes these do satisfy us for a time. But that empty space usually comes back if we don’t fill it with Jesus. He is the only Person that fills our empty space completely.

Seek Him out soon because not one of us is guaranteed to wake up tomorrow.

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