Wisdom For The Teenage Generation

It is possible for your friend to wear the flashiest jewelry, / With the sweet fragrance of perfume and lip gloss.

It’s possible for your friend to look and sound good, / but deep down, all you can smell are the foul toxins of Satan. / It is better to miss the togetherness / Than for your character to be curropted for temporal fun.

God’s provisions are greater than the newest gadget. / His beautiful tune is greater than the rhythm of Drake’s #1 hit.

There is a time to laugh, and a time to lament, / a time to dance and a time to sleep, / A time for gaming and a time for working. / But, when have you set time aside for praising?

A mother grounds his son to establish firm values, / As your Father grounds His children to establish a firm foundation. / Through a week of chastening comes lasting change / That transforms the sinner to a soul-seeking storyteller.

Don’t be displeased when you don’t make it on top / or get the gold medal at the cross country tournament. / Within every loos on this Earth / is a sign of God’s sovereignty, planning your future assignment.

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