So many choices…

In the world religion arena there are many religions which vie for our attention. Many of them seem to have more clout than others yet with so many choices out there how do people choose which one to follow? Some follow the religion that their parents and grandparents followed just because it’s the way they have always followed so why change now? Some people choose to look at all avenues and try to pick the one that fits them instead of fitting into a religious system that demands more than they want to give. It seems that many people fit into that last category more than any other because they want a belief system that is comfortable for them and for their lifestyle.

The problem with how people pick and choose their particular “religion” lies in the picking and choosing. Religion was never supposed to be a custom fit but with all of the choices out there today, like it has been for thousands of years, confusion causes more problems in people’s lives more often than not. Also, the only way to gain entry into heaven is not a religion in reality, it is a lifestyle. Living your life as a Christian is a daily walk that you wake up with every day and as Jesus said “…you must take up your cross and follow Me”.

Taking up your cross doesn’t mean what many think it means. Because some see this as choosing to be on the firing line of persecution and ridicule from the first day until you die and that isn’t what it means at all. We must bear our cross as Jesus did, willingly laying down our old lives and habits and follow Him into a new life of being or straining toward the goal of being more like Him every day. For some it is more of a strain than it is for others because of what they are giving up to be like Him. For others it is a choice that makes the life they live more bearable and sometimes joyful.

Jesus told His disciples that “the way is broad which leads to destruction but the way that leads to eternal life is narrow”. I paraphrased His words but you get the idea.

Finding the way to a place of joy and peace is much like this. There are pathways that are easy to walk and comfortable to stay on but the end or the destination is not the one that most people were looking for. The path which leads to eternal life and peace is the pathway that is not very wide and it has a few briers and brambles and rocks strewn all in it but the destination is far better than anything we could possibly imagine. The destination is to be in heaven with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Heaven is a place that few who were allowed to see even a little of it could describe it in ways that we can understand. Some say that the colors are “just more than the colors on Earth”, “deeper blues and more spectacular greens”. Why can’t we describe heaven? Because it is the real place that Earth is only a reflection of, that’s why. The beauty that we see all around the world is a dim reflection of the beauty in heaven.

Strive to be more like Jesus Christ. Seek Him out as your Savior and Lord while there is time to do so. Life here is short but once you have given your heart to Him, eternity awaits you without boundaries or limits.

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