New Age?

There are many different healers and mediums and those who read “angel cards” and Tarot cards who are using angels in their “practices” to fool many people into thinking they are in a ministry sanctioned by God. This is just not true! The Bible says “do not consult mediums“. These cards and the “angels” associated with them are from Satan, who can tell you all sorts of things about your life especially if you are not a Christian.

The end of the Church age is upon us and the time is drawing near when all of these who practice such “arts” will be exposed for who they are and the spirits that they use in their so-called ministry. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these people are not fooled because they are. They have been fooled into believing that they are consulting God’s angels and getting them to perform good things in your life.

Only God can command an angel to do anything, we do not have that power in this life. God can and will help you in all of your good and bad days, but you have to seek Him out. Living your life without Him and then calling on Him just when you need Him isn’t a good way to have a relationship. Jesus gave His life so that you and I could have eternity in Heaven and so that we could tell others now because people NEED to know.

Many people NEED Jesus although many of them really don’t realize it. They are looking for something but they don’t really know what at least not yet. Some try to fill that emptiness with alcohol or drugs. Some try to do it with career or family or even money. All of these are temporary and utterly useless when it comes to saving your soul, only Jesus and belief in Him can do that!

Jesus loves you and since He is the Living Word of God, He is also the Creator and sustainer of your life and mine. Seek Him in all things and follow His path and His wisdom because the wisdom of man will fail you and the religion of demons will take you exactly where they want you to be…in hell with them.

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