What does God see in us?

TaketheGospeltoAllHave you ever wondered what God sees in us? Why would He send His Son to pay the price for all of us if we are so sinful from birth?

God sees the immortal soul which He placed in each of us and that soul is worth more than the wealth of the entire world, even if it were just one of us that Christ came to save! Even if it were only you, Jesus would’ve given His life on a cross to save you! That is a love that we can’t understand or imagine!

God also sees potential in each of us, the potential to be a voice which will be heard by those who will hear it. We are not all evangelists nor teachers, nor are we all to encourage and be ministers, but if you are a born-again child of the King you can be! In your own place of business or area where you are, you can be like Paul or Silas or John! You can be an ear for someone who needs one who will listen! You can be Jesus to some who may have never heard a sermon before.

The life that Jesus gives to us is one which is supposed to be used for His Kingdom and glory, not for ours. God loves each soul on this planet and He doesn’t want any to perish, but if you or your friend refuse to hear His Word and respond to it by giving your heart to Him, then your eternity will be one of suffering and pain because of your decision not because God wanted to put you there.

We make decisions every day about which clothes to wear or what shoes to put on, but what does your life mean in the grand scheme of things? It is a very deep question but it is one which we all need to find the answer to. The problem with the answer is that, for many people, the answer is usually found in things or careers or people instead of in the Person of Jesus the Christ!

We search from our teen years on for something that we feel is missing, although we can’t put our finger on it. For a long while we can’t even give it a name because we don’t know what is missing, but it feels like something isn’t right. For some people it is a problem which they solve with drugs or sex or alcohol, and when they sober up it is still missing. Sometimes it makes us feel depressed, like life just won’t be enjoyable until we find that “something” to fill the empty place inside.

It isn’t a ‘thing” at all, it is Jesus which fills that spot and until many more people realize this there will still be a drug problem and alcoholism and all of the other distractions which we use to try to “fill” that space. Learning about Him is great but asking Him to be your Lord and Savior is better! Living your life with the reality of walking with Him beside you is the next step.

This is something which many people don’t understand and it isn’t taught in many churches. When you have asked Him into your life, not just saying it but actually meaning it, He comes into your heart and He is with you every minute of every day! He wants to be involved in your life, not just on Sunday or Wednesday but every day! You and I were not created to be observers of this world, but just like the disciples, we are meant to take His message to every place that we go!

I don’t mean that we are supposed to be street preachers shouting that the end is near. Rather, we are to tell others about the Savior and what He has done for us!

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