What is Life?

madewholeinHeavenThat question has been in my mind a lot lately. I know, it seems kinda dumb doesn’t it? What is Life? I am alive, you are alive so we are living in our version of Life, right?

Well…not exactly. The life of a Christian begins with your rebirth in Christ and your Life in Him is dependent upon you living that Life with Him on a daily basis. It is not a take it or leave it proposition. When you give your heart and life to Jesus, you are not supposed to pick and choose which parts of your life He is involved in. The problem with most of our churches is that many who claim to be His do just that!

How would your spouse or significant other feel if you did that in your relationship? It’s like saying, “We can sleep together and live together, but you can’t be around when my friends come over.”  Yet, that is exactly how many people treat their relationship with their Savior! Like this: I will visit you on Sunday for worship services, and maybe on Wednesday night and holidays, but any other time is off-limits. That is MY time, MY life!

You don’t really live LIFE without Jesus, you just exist in this world until you find Him or He gets your attention. Existence is not what God created us for. Life with Him is what we were all created for, but God knows who will decide to come to Him and who will not. That doesn’t mean that He will reject you, but you can’t just choose to come to Jesus on, say May 15, 2020 because you feel it is a good day or time for you!

God calls to each of us individually. Some of us hear it and respond, some of us hear it and run away, some of us ignore it and there are a few that don’t hear Him at all. Which one are you?

LIFE is meant to be lived with and through His Spirit in you! But, it seems that many people want to make their own decisions and paths to where they want to go instead of letting Jesus be their Savior and their Guide. We, meaning humanity, have become so independent in our thinking until we rebel at any authority or power or religion which tries to get us to do otherwise.

The same type of thinking which caused God to send the Great Flood, is the kind of thinking that seems to rule the world today. Thankfully, we are under His grace at the moment, but with the number of prophecies coming true in the past fifty to seventy years, I believe that we are coming to the end of that grace period. Life is in Jesus and I pray that most, if not all, of my readers belong to Jesus. If not, please consider learning more about Him and the salvation that is offered through Him. Belief is all that is required, so please consider Him as your Savior because eternity is a long time for regret.

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