Seeking Jesus?

Why did I place that as a question? Because, many people don’t realize that they are actually seeking Jesus. We look for all sorts of things and people and even careers or  money to fulfill our lives and make us feel complete and yet none of those can do it. Sometimes each one can fill in for a little while…but not for long.

We tend to look for things which will make our lives feel better in some way and most of us don’t realize that the part of our heart or our being which needs filling only needs Jesus. He is the only Person..the only real person who can fill that area in our life! We feel an emptiness at some point in our life and yet we don’t know what or who should be there…until we find out about Jesus.

Some of us find that we truly need Him early in our life, and some of us don’t realize that we need Him until many years later. Sometimes it may be at a time when we are in need of Him in more ways than for salvation. We need a healing or we may be nearing death from cancer or if we are on death row in prison, we may seek Him because we are afraid of going to Hell.

There are many reasons why people seek Jesus, but the one which brings you to Him is your realization that you are a sinner and that you need Him. Not only that but we are not guaranteed tomorrow morning or even tonight, so what would you say to God if you were to meet Him this afternoon? In reality, you couldn’t say much because He will show you when and how many times you have heard the gospel preached and you didn’t respond. All of your life will testify against you, every word and deed and action that you ever did will be brought forth, and there will be no excuse because you won’t have one.

Standing before God the Creator of all things, you will not be able to mount a defense of your life because He already knows you and all that you did or said during all the days of your life. You cannot hide from Him and you cannot reason with Him because your performance in this life gets you nothing! Only the acceptance of Jesus as your Savior will bring you into the gates of Heaven.

Before your life ends, please ask yourself this question: “Where do I want to spend eternity?” No matter how long your life is here, eternity is a lot longer so make sure before your last breath.

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