And now, the news….

Today, most people don’t care what you or I think about anything. But, it seems that they are most interested in things which don’t matter at all in the great scheme of things. You can tweet or post about almost anything from what you are wearing today to something that you heard on the news or even something at home or school. Sometimes, you might even get enough people’s attention to make that tweet go viral! What is going on?

Mostly, I think it is too much information. We are bombarded with so much from our radios, our phones, our tablets and our computers. Then, when you get home you have to deal with all of the news and sports and commercials on the TV. Don’t you wish that we could just turn it all off for a few days or weeks? I sure do! Many people today would be totally lost if their electronics suddenly shut down or lost their connections. No more information, no cell-phone calls, no tweets, no posts on Facebook or videos on Youtube….what are we going to do?

We have lost our ability to get by without information constantly available. Just twenty-five years ago there were no real cell phones and the Internet was just for bulletin boards and email, not the huge amounts of data that is on it now. Going way back to the seventies when I was in school and you had the newspaper, dial phones which were land-lines and the news on the TV, that’s it. Other than listening to the radio or reading books or magazines there wasn’t much for entertainment unless you could get outside and ride your bike with your friends. That’s right, there also were no video games!

To many of the new generation, that particular time in history would be classified as the stone age. But, we survived and made it through high school too even without common core, thankfully!

Oh, yeah, the reason for all of this history lesson in how people are overloaded with information today…we are coming to the end of the church age folks! News flash! This has been in the Bible for many years. “But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.” Daniel 12:4 Why do I refer to a prophecy from over 2500 years ago? Because that is exactly what is happening today. Also, the book of Revelation explains the age that we are in as coming to an end and when knowledge increasing.
So, what does it mean by “the end of the age”? We are on the edge of time, the time when prophecy is coming to fruition and we should be watching for its Author coming in the clouds. The world is changing so rapidly until we are covered with information constantly, but the problem today is that most of the information is irrelevant to history or prophecy. It is causing people to pay attention to things that are not important and they won’t see what really is important. Like giving your life and your heart to Jesus and searching or seeking to know Him even better than you ever have before.

Why would you do that? Well, He died for your sins so that you wouldn’t have to pay the penalty for them. Is that really important? If you don’t want to go to Heave, maybe not. But, if you would like to enjoy eternity and live in it forever in a home that was built by God, then it is the most important decision you may ever make. Seek Him out in the Bible. Read it, study it and pray about it. You might just meet your Savior and His Father and get to know them better. If you do, you will be on your way to eternity and it will be one that you will never be bored in ever again.

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