Success in life and living

Something that I put on another blog of mine. I hope you enjoy it.

A blog about living well and successful today

What would be your definition of success in life? A modest home and a couple of nice cars? A mansion with a Bentley in the garage?

Success in life and living is much more than this, but not what you might think. I am not writing about things, stuff, trinkets, and baubles. I am writing about…Life! Real living, not the kind where you have stuff that other people want and they might steal it from you. I am talking of the kind where you do have something that they want and you freely give it away! Intrigued? Curious?

Some of you who read this may be, others would rather go home with the guy in the Bentley.

The reason for which I am writing is to get your attention. Because God wants your attention. He wants you to repent and become His child. Follow Him, learn about Him through reading…

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