Life, healing, comfort, hope

The title says most of what our lives in Christ are supposed to be. We have eternal life through Jesus Christ Who has saved us from an eternity away from God and His Love. We have healing by His power and by His grace toward us through Christ, not because we deserve it but, again, because He loves us. We have comfort in His love and His grace because of the promise of eternity, not because of a promise of riches or an easy life on Earth. The comfort that we have is in knowing that eternity is sure through the sacrifice which Jesus made to cover our sins and to give us His righteousness. We have hope because of all of these because of the Life, death and resurrection of Jesus! No other name, given among men is worthy to be praised than His name, Jesus! Why? Because of the things that He has done for us because of His love for us, each one of us. Not because we deserved it or earned it because you and I can’t earn salvation and we certainly don’t deserve it on our own!

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6 He is the Author of life, our Creator and Redeemer and since He is also part of the Trinity and God, then He can’t lie! No part of the Bible is a lie, many don’t believe it or they believe parts of it, but the truth is that even Satan believes all of it! He knows that it is true, because he has been here testing, tempting, trying the servants of God from the beginning.

Give your heart and life to Jesus because life without a point or a purpose is meaningless and empty. Hell won’t be empty throughout eternity because of unbelief and rebellion from the followers of Satan and all of those who have decided to do things their way instead of listening to the Word of God and giving their lives to Him.

Hope, comfort, healing, restoration, and life are gifts given to us by God at some point in our lives, specifically when we determine that He is truthful and that He is the One that He says that He is.

Think on this. Pray about it if you have questions. Seek Him in the Bible and learn of His ways because He loves you!

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