What is there to say?

So many are against Christians today. Dredging up slights from the distant past, like the Crusades. Yes, it is sad that it happened but the “church” at the time also oppressed and killed many believers too. Just because they had obtained a Bible which was in English and not Latin and they had learned to read it and what it REALLY said. They had put their trust in Jesus as their Savior and they did not have to come to the church to be forgiven anymore! Many were burned at the stake for this belief and for the possession of an English Bible, and they were Christians being killed by the “church”! How sad and horrible!

The world is full of atrocities by different people and religions or by countries which have no religion or conscience it seems. Some are even speaking out about how Christians persecuted people in the past. Many are still doing it, just a bit more subtle than others. So, what can we say about all of this bickering and persecution? Really, not much. It was prophesied to happen toward the end of the age and in my opinion that is where we are right now. No, we are not exactly in the seven years of tribulation foretold in Daniel and Revelation, but we are getting close.

There really isn’t much that can be said except to do what Paul told his protégé to do:  “2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that doesn’t need to be ashamed, correctly handling the word of truth.” See that these things are foretold to happen in God’s Word and accept it in faith. He has history, past, present and future in His hands and we don’t need to worry.

Yes, many of us are the worrying type, but don’t do it to extreme. There is nothing that you can do to change yourself or your hair color (without chemicals), your height or anything about yourself which matters. We are not gods, we are the creation of God. We also have no control over our situations in life, good, bad or otherwise. I know, I am stating the obvious but it seems that these topics are part of the conversation on social media sites.

What changes in your life from day-to-day? You may feel out of control in some things, some have lost loved ones due to disease or other mechanisms but, these are part of life and until Jesus comes again it will be this way. Seek Him out in your daily life, through scripture and study of God’s Word. Learn to know Him and love Him every day. He went through many things for our sakes to redeem us to Himself and to God, it seems that we could at least attempt to return the love that He showed toward us!

If you see these things which are foretold in Scripture happening on the news media, then you should realize that we are getting closer to the “end of the age”. Please, seek Him out in your life. Read and study God’s Word so that you can know the One that loves you beyond your own understanding. I will be praying for all of those who come here, even if I don’t know your name or nationality and I thank God for you all.

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