Consider life and how it flows through time.

Consider your life and where it may go in time.

Consider love and what will become of it in time.

Consider our society and what it will become…in time.

Consider your family and what will happen to them…in time.

Consider your nation and what it may look like in time. Will it still be a nation?

Consider the world and what may happen in it in the future of our time.

Consider your future. Where will you spend eternity at that time?

Just…consider the possibilities for all of these, then decide if there is one of them that you can have an influence on.

The last one on the list is the only one that you can really have an impact on and it hinges upon one decision. That decision is whether you believe in Jesus and His atonement for your life and sins and whether you have accepted Him as Savior or not.

That’s it.

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