Christ’s message

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, came to Earth to bring a message and hope to all people. He also came so that all might have a chance at being saved from their sins and from the punishment in eternity.

Yes, God loves you and me and because of this love He sent Jesus to die on the cross and pay the debt that we all owe. The only requirement for us to fulfill is to believe that He did it for us and to accept it by faith in Jesus. You cannot add to the redemptive power of His blood nor can you take anything away from it other than eternal life.

I have had people to say that they don’t believe in God so why should they believe in His Son? It is your choice to feel this way and your choice to follow Jesus or not, God doesn’t force you to do anything. Just as you can’t force someone to love you, He doesn’t either. That choice is completely up to you and it is your choice which will condemn you to hell, not God.

The verse which many know by heart, John 3:16-17 tells the story better than I can: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son; that whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.…”

Jesus did not come into the world the first time to judge anyone, but to bring the news about Himself that through Him all might come to repentance and be saved through faith in Him. When He comes again, He will be a conquering King and Judge of those who have rejected Him. Your life can be more hopeful and better in many ways if you will trust in Jesus, please consider doing so.

There are many who don’t believe and that is their choice. God doesn’t force belief on anyone, because you can’t do that. You either believe or you don’t and belief only comes through faith and that comes by hearing the Word of God preached. God loves all of mankind, but the enemy hates us with a passion that goes beyond human reason. That is the one who brings all of the suffering into the world, Satan and his demons, not God.

If you have ever felt the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart and Spirit at a church service or a crusade or even a television program, I urge you to seek Him out in the Bible. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and cleanse you from your sins. We all have them. I have lied and cheated on tests when I was in school, I have also been a drunk and smoked weed. I don’t deny these things, but Jesus changed me and now I preach and tell others about Him every week and almost every day here and my other blogs.

The words which I have written over the years didn’t come entirely from my own mind. I am not that eloquent, but God gives me the words to bring to you just as He does on Sunday when I preach. Seek Him out while there is still time.

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