God’s grace

God’s grace is sufficient for all of our needs. Why does He extend His grace to us? Because we don’t deserve it, but He gives it to us anyway, that’s why. God loves us and wants the best for all of us, whether you believe this or not doesn’t change the fact. His love is deeper and more pure than anything that we can understand and yet we push Him away more and more. Many people today seem to want less and less to do with Christianity in general. What have we ever done to deserve this? Have we attacked your schools or your homes? No, we do want the best for all and that is why we try to tell you about our Savior. It is that “telling” that everyone who has a phobia against Christians is afraid of or is totally against.

There are numerous instances where the church is vandalized or even set fire, especially in Europe, but it seems to be happening more and more. The sentiment toward the church was predicted by Jesus for the time that we are living in, so it is not totally unexpected but it still brings out pain in my heart and it hurts our world, not as an entity but as God sees us.

God extended His love and His grace to us through Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins. Whether you want to believe in Him or that grace which is so richly poured out on us is totally up to you. It is your decision to choose which part of the world that you will live in, the Christian part or Satan’s part, because there is no middle ground! You are either on one side or the other.

I know that some have said that they will sit on the fence until something or someone knocks them to one side or the other. The problem with this thinking is that, you may fall off when you die and if you haven’t made the decision to follow Jesus by that time then you will be on Satan’s side of the fence. Paint the church black on one side and white on the other to represent God and Satan, allow them to meet in the middle and see how well you can walk the line without dipping into one or the other. You must choose!

The problem that we have is that it is the choice and the power that we have to choose one or the other that causes so many to wait or to put it off for too long. God is patient, but your life goes on regardless and it is limited. As the writer of James said, “your life is like mist or a puff of smoke”, especially compared to eternity and while you have it you must make the best choice that you can. This can’t be denied because even comparing our lives to the past millennia or two, we are only here for a very short time! The choices that you make during this life do have an effect on where you spend eternity! Choose Jesus and come to Him, before it is too late. We live so close to death that many people don’t notice it anymore. People get killed on the highway every day. They are shot and killed for no reason at all in our cities and towns and we hear about it every day, but we get used to it. Life is precious but it is short, make the choice which will give you life everlasting. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and save you from your sins and from the life that you would’ve lived.

Do it…before it is too late.

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