Lots of stuff happening

Many times and in many places today, people are not sure of what is happening in our world. Oh, they see the news and read it on the Internet and in newspapers and magazines, but much of the stuff that we read and hear about is truly hard to understand. Why are people so angry and frustrated in our world today? Why can’t we just get along with each other? What happened in the past few decades, when we apparently weren’t paying attention, to make our world the way it is now?

All of these questions are asked by people all over the world, yet very few people can give a rational explanation for any of them. Why is that? It is because of a lack of faith and a lack of trust in Almighty God for one. We have become so dependent upon technology and instant gratification until we can’t seem to take a step back and take a breath in order to learn the awesomeness of God Himself! Someone today would ask, “Why should I learn of someone who I don’t believe in? He has no control over my life, and I won’t give him that control.” If that is the way that you feel toward God, then I pity you, whether you accept my pity or not I don’t care.

God is the Healer, not the doctor. God is the Comforter, not your pills. God is the Father of all, not Darwin or Dawkins or whoever you have heard that is preaching the religion of evolution!

God loves you and all of those around you, like it or not, but He doesn’t force you to follow Him or worship Him or even do the things which are written in the Bible. Why not? Because anyone who is forced to do something, hates the person or the system that is forcing them and God wants your love. That is why we have a choice. That is why we are able to choose to obey, to follow, to learn of Him. It’s because of love. Jesus was not forced into submission, He did it willingly because of love. John 3:16 is a verse which almost everyone knows whether they believe it or not, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.”

We were created to have fellowship with God, not because we have to but because we should want to. Think of it this way, if you were found guilty of a crime punishable by death, not just a death but one which would go on and on throughout eternity in pain and agony. Then some person came forward and said that they would pay your debt, wipe clean your slate and take the punishment in your place, without anything that you could give them for this or anything that you might add because you have already been condemned. What would you do? What would you say to them? Would you be grateful beyond measure? Or would you just walk off and say, “Better you than me!”? It seems that in our society today, many people would do just that. Why?

I can’t answer that. My love for God and for His Son doesn’t allow me to understand that sort of callous, cold heart. I know that some people feel that way, because years ago that would’ve been me. Consider that Jesus didn’t have to do any of the redemptive things which He did, but because He loved the Father and the Father, God Himself, loves each one of us, Jesus did fulfill all of those things which had been prophesied about Him. Out of love and compassion for us, Jesus willingly gave His life so that we might have an eternity to look forward to. Some think that they are going to have an eternal party with Satan in hell, without interference from God. It will be an eternity, but it will not be a party!

You get this life to work out your relationship with God, as short or as long as your life may be. None of us knows how many years or days we have left, so the idea that you can wait until you are old is just stupid. You might be involved in a severe car wreck tomorrow and never wake up from it, until you are face to face with God. You may have a stroke or a heart attack tonight which may put you face to face with God. The point is that, whether you believe in God’s existence or not, you will face Him one day. He doesn’t punish you by sending you to hell, you are the one who has made that choice and it is your choice! By sending Jesus to take the punishment for all of us on the cross, God provided each of us a way to be reconciled to Him, all that is required of us is belief in Jesus and asking Him to forgive us for waiting so long.

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