Life today?

So, what do you do? Is your so-called “life” bound up in your occupation or in something else? Does your family enjoy most of your time or do you spend it working at the office? Do you travel a lot on business? These are occupations or at least the reflections of what is important to you. So, does your life reflect what is really important in your life or even what is important to you? Or does your life reflect things that you desire or “stuff” that really doesn’t count for anything?

These questions are some that we all need to ask ourselves at least once, not just once a year but once a week and sometimes once every day! Your life will be far more and have much more meaning if you latch on to Jesus and His message today! Living your life with Christ in the center is the best way to live it, even if it costs you your stuff, it may not cost you everything but it will cost something. Some of your friends may not like it that you are really following Jesus, they may not want a “Christian” as a friend because it will make them look bad!

You know what? If they feel that way, then they weren’t your friend anyway! Being a friend of Jesus and following Him is far better and more rewarding than having friends here which are just friends during the good times. Life comes from God, the air that we breathe comes from Him, the ground that you walk on every day was created for you by Him. The beating of your heart and the heart of everyone around you is His grace toward you for today. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, so the beating of your heart will only go on as long as God decrees that it will.

He loves you and me and everyone else on this planet and only He knows why!! He may not like some of the things which we do or say about Him or against Him, but He still loves you regardless because He is God! We need to love Him in return for the air that we breathe and the job that we have and the family that we have because He gave all of those things, good things, to us. I know that if you are in an abusive relationship you might not think that it is a blessing and you may be right, but God is still with you in the place where you are no matter how dark or hellish it might be.

God cares for you and for your family. He loves us, all of us so much that He sacrificed His Son so that we would have the covering of Christ’s blood to allow us to come into His presence every minute of every day if need be! We don’t have to go to a priest, we don’t have to have a certain amount of money or power to get God’s attention! All that we have to do is be humble enough to tell Him that ” I messed up, God, please forgive me and cleanse me from my sinful ways. Come into my life and my heart and fix what is broken. Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough that I can come to you for this and for all of my troubles and trials. In Jesus’ Holy name I humbly ask this of you, Amen.”

That is all that it takes to be a child of God. Just a simple, humble prayer. No haughty spirit will get this, no prideful person need come, no un-repentant person should “try God” because it won’t work! God knows your heart, He knows where you were last night and what you said on the phone to someone who you shouldn’t have been talking to. Nothing can be hidden from Him because He sees each of us as we REALLY are at all times. Even a prayer that is said humbly as the man in the temple did, “Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner!”, is heard when it comes from a repentant heart! Please, give Him a chance to show you His love and mercy while there is time to do so. Don’t just read this and think about it, do it!


One thought on “Life today?

  1. Now is the last time and life are more diffferent what before for so much knowledge are to get everywhere and so much problem ins oul in a lot home and famillys life and worry wil hurt us for the destruction in everywhere and the nations will rise aganst the nation with the war and more harm in the natures for storms and calamatys .So let us lift our head for second coming of the lord is near ,thaks and bless,keijo sweden

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