Where is God?

“Can you show me ONE place where you know for sure that God is?”, this was a question asked of a small boy years ago, and supposedly the man asking it told the boy that he should think about it during the day and when he came back, the man told him that he would give him a dime. At the time when this was supposed to have happened, a dime was a good deal of money. Because fifty years ago, a dime would buy a lot more than it does today.

Later, that day the boy was walking by the place where he had met the man earlier and the man was still there. The boy stopped and told him that he had been thinking about that question and it occurred to him to ask a question of him: “You wanted to know of a place where God is present, mister, I would give you a dollar if you can show me a place where God is NOT!?”

This verbal exchange was and is being sent through the e-mail channels because the first time I saw it was a few years ago and it got my attention. It got me to wondering about God’s presence in our world and in our lives. Do we acknowledge Him every day? Do we seek Him every day?

Those of us who are or claim to be Christians are supposed to, but do you? Some people, many of them church-going Christians, claim to be following Jesus but do you really seek Him as He said for us to do? What does it mean to “seek Him”?

Seeking Jesus and the will of God is a practice and a discipline that we should attempt every day. The act and the process of it is not as hard or complicated as it seems. The will of God and seeking His wisdom can be accomplished by the same way…by actually reading and studying the Bible.

I know that many people say that understanding the Bible is not an easy thing to do, but if you pray for God to reveal His wisdom to you as you read it, and He will. God’s Word is a living document because it was sent from God through His prophets to give a specific message to Israel, but the message contained in it as it is revealed by the Spirit, is different for each of us. Which is why it is revealed and interpreted to each of us by the Holy Spirit in different ways for each one of us. What one person gets out of the 23rd Psalm will not be the same as what you may get, but the message will be what you need at the time.

The most wonderful part of this is that you will gain new insight each time you read it, regardless of whether you read the entire Bible or just one book from the sixty-six contained in it. As long as you read it while asking Him to reveal His wisdom for you as you read through it, then it will not remain a mystery. The wisdom contained within it comes to each of us by the will of God and the context of each passage needs to be taken with the rest of the chapter that it is contained within so that each passage won’t be taken out of context.

Taking a passage by itself, without the context of the chapter it is contained within, is dangerous. Satan did this by misquoting scripture and quoting it out of context, as have other people in history. Scripture can be twisted to mean almost anything if you do this and that is not what the Scripture was written for. Give it some thought and see if you can find where God lives at all times.

God is closer to you than your sister or your spouse or even your parents and yet many people think that He is somewhere out in space in a place called Heaven where we can’t even talk to Him. This is not the truth because His place is as near as your heart. He is as near to you as your skin is. God is with you in whatever circumstance that you may be in, good or bad. He doesn’t leave you and has never left you at all. If you feel that He has, the only person that has moved is you!

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