Are you ready?

There will be some trying times to come in our future, are you ready? What about the things which are going to happen during that time, can you handle them too?

Yes, it is true that I speak of the times which are prophesied in the book of Revelation because since it came from God, then it will happen. “When?”, is the big question concerning the timing of all of these events, but they will come. So much that happens each and every day in the news in our country and around the world really is part of the prophecies which are contained in this book.

Yet, some of the more interesting or distressing news seems to be passed up by the news media, in favor of “fluff”. “Who is dating who?” “She did what?” It sounds like we are getting our so called serious news from a teen magazine or the National Enquirer instead of a real news organization with reporters working for them. And yet, the world around us is seemingly boiling and bubbling and about to blow! So where are the reporters and the headlines that should be pointing out these things? For the most part, they are ignoring the real news while reporting junk.

Like the so-called “reality” shows which command our attention each night and the cooking shows and competitions which demand our attention and our time, the news of the day is fluffed up to entertain and that is all. Many churches, mega-sized or not, even give sermons which are entertaining and informative but they are not bringing the good news and the conviction of people’s souls to a point where they realize that they truly need Jesus and the salvation that He provided through His sacrifice on the cross!

Some don’t even emphasize the sinful nature that we are born with. They don’t bring to mind the commandments set down by God such as : Don’t have any gods before me; Don’t covet anything of your neighbor’s; Don’t tell a lie; Don’t steal; Don’t commit adultery; Don’t commit murder!

These are the laws of God which most of our laws are based upon, but they are so watered down in our society and in our churches until nobody takes them seriously anymore. The problem with that is that God does take them seriously! They still matter and the distinctions that Jesus made about some of them, such as the distinction between lusting after a woman and adultery or hating someone being the same as murder are just as valid today! Even the smallest transgression of these, if you haven’t given your heart to Jesus, is enough to keep you out of Heaven.

The problem is that many people are not being told this, in church or elsewhere. For the most part, people are being told that these laws don’t matter anymore. That there are no consequences to pay for any of these transgressions, just ask God to forgive you and move on.

You are welcome to try that if you think it will work, but if you meet God tomorrow and you haven’t given your heart to Jesus and asked Him to forgive you for waiting so long, then I fear that you will find that is a pitiful excuse to give to the final Judge that you will see. It is true, I am trying to scare you into a belief in Jesus.

I am trying to impress upon you that there is a fine line between being a believer and an atheist, there is no gray area. You either believe in Jesus and ask Him into your life or you don’t, at which point you are in the same place as any demon condemned to hell. It is your choice, just make sure that you make a choice before your life ends because there is no “do-over” or re-spawn like in a video game.

The choices end when you take your last breath, regardless of your age when that happens.

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