The Season’s Reason

edited atheistThere is an organization which is trying to push their agenda into the spotlight. Well it is time that some of us pushed back! The image to the left is an edited version of their billboard, the one that they are using to try to trash Christmas.

The Truth is in God‘s Word and the Living Word came to Earth as a baby, although he wasn’t born in December but that is not the point. The point is that the few people who deny His existence are really the ones who need Him the most! Where I edited the words a bit changing it to the Truth, underneath it says to celebrate reason, I would rather people celebrate the Reason for the Season!

Why? Because Jesus is the reason for the Season and because He came to pay the penalty for us who were sinners, who still are sinners but we are saved by His grace and the love of God through Jesus. Whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter, the truth is in the Bible and the One who came to save us is in it from the beginning to the end. If you read it, think about what you are reading, pray about the words that you read and ask God to show you the truth in it.

Don’t look at it or read it with a closed mind and heart, ask God to show you His Truth because it is contained in His Word. There is no mythology or false words in God’s Word, because a book with over forty authors could not write these words and all of them point to the same Truth, the Savior of all of us, Jesus if those words were not inspired by God.

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