Old questions, new ways of looking at the answers

We have always asked the questions and usually get the same or slightly different answers to them. For example: Can God make a rock big enough that He can’t lift? That is like asking someone if He (God) could make a square circle? It is contradictory in nature and any physics or geometry student knows that you can’t make a square circle. Regardless of the age of the student, they would know that it can’t be done. The same logic goes with the first question. God, being the Creator of the entire universe, can make a rock as big as He wishes to make it but He would still be bigger and would be able to move it.

Besides, what would be the point?

God’s Home is outside of our universe and yet He stretched out the heavens and placed the stars in their places. He is as big as He is and yet He cares for sparrows as well as each of us. It is a hard concept to think on or imagine because our minds just can’t fathom Someone having all of that power and glory and majesty, yet care for animals and people on this speck of dust! In all of the cosmos, our planet is the one that God is interested in. It is hard to believe, but it is true.

The moon is our unique satellite because He wanted it that way. It has nothing to do with “planetary evolution’ or a rogue planetoid that slammed into a primordial Earth and created the Moon from the debris blasted from it. Those are the theories of some astronomers, but I believe the creation events found in Genesis unless and until Jesus or God tells me different (and I don’t think that He would contradict something written in His Word).

We can imagine many things, many possibilities for how things work and why but our imagination is tiny and finite compared to His thoughts and His purposes. I know that many people will not accept any of these words, but the fact is that my words come from His inspiration. I can’t possibly think up all of this nearly every day by myself! He uses me as a pastor at my church and on this site and my other site too, in order to tell people about Him. This is not about me at all!! I don’t care one bit about fame or anything that goes with it. All that I was called to do was to preach the gospel, the news about Jesus and salvation through Him!

I do try to do that, and sometimes I get up on a soap-box about some issues, but the main point of my message is salvation through Jesus so that you can take Him out to wherever you may go and then tell someone else. I pray that you will tell someone about this site or maybe re-blog it so that it might be seen by more people. Thank you!

Rev. Gordon T. Eldridge

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