Learning about God from God

lamb-of-god-passoverIt is something that many of us try to do in our lives at one point or another, but many of us have no idea how to do it? We consider reading the Bible through but just as any “new year’s resolution” we soon push it aside like any other exercise. Then we only pick it up on church days and read with our pastor, and sometimes we don’t even bring it to church with us at all.

How can you cultivate a relationship with the Creator if you don’t get to know Him? Our only outlet, our only way of getting to know Him IS to read His Word! His ways are there for us in black and white on a page or today on an electronic reader of some kind, but He and His Words are available! He is near us and if we are Christians, then He is dwelling inside our hearts and so near that we might as well be living inside His skin! Ewww gross! Don’t laugh, I know that is what many of you thought.

The point of this is that He wants a relationship with us, just as He did with Adam and Eve only they chose to be independent and go their own way. Our world has been damaged terribly by this independence because instead of living inside His Love and His Life, we make up our own version of Him and His attributes. We remake God and His Son in our image…how WE want them to be! Then, when we feel like they aren’t doing it right, we try to take over and we usually mess things up pretty good at that point!

God’s Word and Wisdom is in the Bible and if we will treat it as our Creator Who is actually speaking through the prophets and writers then accepting Him for Who He is will be so much better and easier! Please consider it and think about reading the book, “The Shack“. I am going to see the movie and maybe do a Bible study on it soon. God loves you!


Have you ever wondered what life is really? Life is living in this world and yet it seems so brief, so small, so much less than we should have. What is real life? Living with the Spirit of God in your heart! You are created to live with God in Heaven, yet the sin which came through Adam’s fall and Eve’s too, has separated humanity from God. How can we bridge that gap between ourselves and God?

Seek Him in His Word, learn about Him through prayer and by studying His Word, ask Jesus to come into your heart and cleanse you fully so that you will be more like Him! That’s how you live!! In Him, with Him for eternity.

God created mankind to have a relationship with Him, yet with our free will and free choice we have all chosen to follow our own desires, our own paths. God doesn’t want servants who are like robots! He wants you to love Him because He loved you from the beginning. Not the beginning of your life, but from the beginning of all things! God knew you and me and everyone else from that time until now and He loves us. He is not happy with the things which many of us do in our lives or with our lives, but He still loves us.

Does He condemn us all to hell? No! He gives each of us a choice to know Him through Jesus and we all have this choice, all that we have to do is take hold of Him by faith. He will take you just as you are and begin the change in your heart to make you more like He is. All of your faults and the problems that you have, all of the bad words and the drinking and smoking and drugs, no matter what you may have done…He loves you just as you are…but He will make you better!

Give Him the chance to do this work in your life and it will never be the same, it will be BETTER!!


Do you question?

There are many, many people today who have questions about a great many things. So, do you ever question God?

I would imagine that many of us have, although hopefully not in a disrespectful way. Some people have angrily questioned Him in times of trouble wondering why He didn’t save them from what they are in. Questioning God is something which has been done for many hundreds of years if not thousands, but the best way to do it is by asking a simple question. One like, “God, will you save me and cleanse my heart? Make me a new creation so that I can be in your family. Amen.”

If we believe that God is Who He says in the Bible, then that question is settled already if you have sought Him out and asked Him to be your Savior. Questions are good things for the most part because they help us to learn things. Questioning authority by rebelling against it or protesting against it is wrong.

I don’t mean that we should be like sheep and follow our leaders without knowing them and where they are going, but learn about them and know who you are following.┬áDon’t follow anyone who is untrustworthy or someone who is like a wind-tossed wave which goes one way and then another. If you aren’t sure of them and you feel in your heart that something isn’t quite right, then find another preacher, teacher or leader.

Questions are good for learning things and for teaching, but when you use questions as a way to incite violence or stir up trouble then you are following in some dangerous paths. These paths have been trod by demons and Satan himself who questioned God’s motives and His love for us and for the angels. God loves us all. He even loves Lucifer/Satan but his rebellion toward and hatred for God and His rule, especially when Satan said that he would exalt himself above the stars of God, that is what God will not tolerate. It is the sin of pride which brought Satan to his estate that he has now and it is pride which infects all of mankind.

We are as guilty of having more than our share of pride in our lives as he was. Some people even think of themselves as gods, although I don’t think they could create something from nothing as our God did. He loves you and me and all we need to do is seek Him, learn His ways from the Word and believe that His Grace has saved us because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. There is nothing that we can do to help God to make us better, just believe in Jesus and ask His forgiveness for your own pride and your life before you knew Him.

All of Heaven will rejoice when you come into the family, especially God Himself.



We all have them, so what can we do about it? We can’t do anything about our physical problems or our emotional problems or even for most of our everyday problems. But, God can take care of them all!


He came to us because of the love of God for us. We can’t explain it, we don’t understand it, but we are His children and He loves each of us far more than we can know.

I just wanted to let you all know that, so you will seek Him out in God’s Word or in a Bible teaching church. Please, look for His love because He is looking for you.