Have you ever wondered what life is really? Life is living in this world and yet it seems so brief, so small, so much less than we should have. What is real life? Living with the Spirit of God in your heart! You are created to live with God in Heaven, yet the sin which came through Adam’s fall and Eve’s too, has separated humanity from God. How can we bridge that gap between ourselves and God?

Seek Him in His Word, learn about Him through prayer and by studying His Word, ask Jesus to come into your heart and cleanse you fully so that you will be more like Him! That’s how you live!! In Him, with Him for eternity.

God created mankind to have a relationship with Him, yet with our free will and free choice we have all chosen to follow our own desires, our own paths. God doesn’t want servants who are like robots! He wants you to love Him because He loved you from the beginning. Not the beginning of your life, but from the beginning of all things! God knew you and me and everyone else from that time until now and He loves us. He is not happy with the things which many of us do in our lives or with our lives, but He still loves us.

Does He condemn us all to hell? No! He gives each of us a choice to know Him through Jesus and we all have this choice, all that we have to do is take hold of Him by faith. He will take you just as you are and begin the change in your heart to make you more like He is. All of your faults and the problems that you have, all of the bad words and the drinking and smoking and drugs, no matter what you may have done…He loves you just as you are…but He will make you better!

Give Him the chance to do this work in your life and it will never be the same, it will be BETTER!!


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