Thou art my God!

O Lord , thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. Isaiah 25:1 KJV

Do you tell your “friends” about your Savior? By that I mean do they know, can they tell that you are a Christian? Or do you just act that way on Sunday?

Does Jesus Christ really know you or do you just know about Him? Jesus said that on that last day there will be people who will say “Lord didn’t we cast out demons in your name?” And yet I will say to them “I never knew you”. Would you want to be in that group? I wouldn’t.

So much…

We, at least those of us who live in America, have so much that we take for granted. People don’t look around them and see the little things that they do have, the things and the people who would be so much appreciated in other areas of the world. Sometimes people don’t even visit places of surreal beauty in their own states, they want to go to other places and see the sights but the ones in their own backyard are neglected and forgotten.

It is the same way with religion and Jesus too. In America, we have heard about Jesus and seen the movie, “The Ten Commandments”, so many times in our lives until we are going to be shocked when Moses doesn’t look like Charlton Heston! We have been on the receiving end of so much “movie propaganda” until much of the Bible and its stories play in some way when we read Scripture. I wonder…what does God think about our “video feeds” in Scripture?

Some of it may cause Him to laugh a bit. Some of it very likely causes a bit of concern, with the liberties  that have been taken with some of His stories. Some of them are actually lies made up to make money and have very little to show as being truthful in the telling of Scripture. In the past fifteen years or so, Christian films have done a bit better because people other than those in Hollywood were doing the filming.

You may be wondering why I am writing about this today? Mainly it is because of all of the so-called pundits who tell Christians that our faith is wrong! Some say we are too judgmental, some say we are not inclusive of others, we are too narrow-minded. Something that I have noticed in my eight years of Bible study, reading it from cover to cover, is that God doesn’t change! His rules and His ways are the same today as they were when He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses over four thousand years ago!

He is not politically correct and He doesn’t change to suit us! We either repent and humbly ask Him to change us into the image of Jesus or we are lost, it’s just that simple. Believe in Jesus and His redemption of you by His blood which was shed for your sins, no matter what those sins may be, then repent or turn away from those sins and don’t go back to them!

God’s redemption of you doesn’t take any work on your part except that of walking close to Jesus in repentance toward being more like Him before your life here is over. That is what Jesus meant when He said, “take up your cross daily and follow Me.” Determine to follow Him and not your old ways or the ways of your “friends”. When you feel the call in your heart from the Spirit, then choose to follow Him and leave the world and its ways behind!

Think about it this way: if you are on a path toward a destination and you take the first step, don’t stop and turn to go the other way, back where you came from. You will never get to that eternal destination if you do! Getting off of the path or turning back doesn’t take you in the right direction unless you are following Jesus.


I will likely hear from some who don’t believe that this is true, but God doesn’t have conditions on His love for us. Just as most parents don’t have conditions regarding their love for their children and grandchildren, we love them because they are our children. They don’t have to perform to a standard to receive this or do a certain number of things to enjoy the benefits of our love, so why do people think that God would place such restrictions on His love for us?

He is the Creator of all, regardless of the “accidental” building of the universe and planets and everything else that is taught in most places of higher learning. Accidents only create pieces of stone, rock, earth, and very little else. God is the Creator and if you don’t believe that, its fine with me. Please don’t get upset about my beliefs because I am not trying to push them on you, if you don’t like them then go to another website.

My website is here for only one thing…to further the message of God and Jesus and hopefully to stir a little bit of wonderment and maybe cause some to seek Him out! I have four of these sites and they are all doing mostly the same thing, different messages in some respects, but I do try to bring the message which God gives me to anyone who may want to read it.

Our cosmos, the entire universe itself, was created to show His Glory to us, His majesty and His mercy in all of its forms. Why did it take the entirety of the universe to do this? Because He knew that one day we would be able to peer deeply into it and He wanted us to see that this part is just as wonderfully made as you and I are, even if it is over one billion light years away. God could create a star or galaxy that far away and still be here for the creation of our sun and our planet and us.

He was and is involved in your life and mine, whether you believe it or not. He is near you, all you need to do is seek Him out. God loves you and He doesn’t want you to suffer for eternity, but if you choose to reject His grace and Love through your own choices then you will get the same punishment which another rebel will get and that is permanent separation from God and all that is Holy and good.