Dear America,

Have you considered that we have never looked at our condition religiously? Our country and its people have never actually thought of Christianity as our religion. Specifically, since our government doesn’t endorse or choose any particular religion for our nation. Our people have many denominations and religions in our country and today we also have many who don’t claim any belief in God or religion.

So have you thought about any of this? Is it possible that we truly need religion? There are so many who commit suicide on a daily basis and we have so many who are struggling with drugs and alcohol on a daily basis too. So…what is the fix or the cure for this emptiness which we seem to be dealing with?

themissingpieceWhether our country as a whole wants to believe it or not, the answer actually is a relationship with Jesus. The empty place in all of our lives which we try to fill with all sorts of things from sex or money or careers and even family is only filled by one Person. Jesus Christ. That is the missing piece of the puzzle which we have been searching for all of our lives!

It isn’t a hard thing to do but in a society which prides itself on its independence, individually and collectively, we don’t want to depend upon any one person whether it is a Savior or even a spouse or a friend. Except when you look at the feeling of hope which He brings into our collective conscience. So why don’t we look to Him for our hope? Why can’t we do this so our country can have more hope?

Hope hasn’t died but to look at the news, you would think it has. Hope is in the Person of Jesus, Love is Jesus and He is Love for all of us because He did love us enough to give His life on the cross to pay the debt which we owed because of our sins. Even those of us where weren’t born when He did this still owe the debt if we haven’t given our hearts to Him.

I pray that those of you reading this will give Jesus a chance in your life. If for no other reason than to fill that empty place and give you hope for eternity and a heart full of gratitude for a Creator Who loves you more than you can imagine. Please, seek Jesus out for your soul and for your eternal hope because it is needed in our country today.

Hope and ?

No, I am not posting about hope and change, we have had the first dashed to pieces in the last eight years and the changes in some areas are almost unbearable. Enough soap boxing. (Jedi mind trick–forget what you just read, it isn’t important).

Hope is a cousin of faith because both of them run together. You can’t have much hope without faith and faith without hope isn’t expecting much. Abraham expected (hoped),with faith in God’s ability to fulfill it, that he would have an heir just as God had told him. How it was going to happen wasn’t important really, he had faith that God could do it even at his age and his wife’s age as well. Would doctors today recognize this birth as a miracle? Absolutely, in light of it being one because there was no way it could have happened without God’s intervention!

Faith is important to our life in Him because we were never meant to live apart from Him. Though, now we need faith to do so because He is just outside our limited human vision just as the beauty of His Creation is as well, although we will see it one day. Amen. God loves each of us, whether we belong to Him yet or not. He has a plan for our lives in His Kingdom if we will accept our place in it!

52050-my-hope-is-in-youHope is where we should put our faith and our trust totally in the Lord. God loves you with an everlasting love that never dips up or down. He doesn’t love you today and hate you tomorrow! We and everything around us, every person, every animal, every star and planet are His Creation and He cares for all of it!

We are not special because we live on Earth, we are special because God loves us! He know what you can do and what you did yesterday or last week or even last year, but He loves you anyway! Why? Because He is God and He is Love perfected! There is no darkness or shadow in Him, He is Light and the Giver of Life itself!

Satan cares NOT for you, in fact he HATES YOU!! You and I are made in the image of God, he hates God, so you are hated by Satan and his demons. That is why there is so much war, so much disease, so much cancer attacking children and older people, because of demonic influence in your life, against your life in Christ, trying to turn you away from God by getting you to blame Him for your problems!

That is the way of our world because he, Satan, is the ruler of the air on Earth…but only temporarily. He knows that his time is coming to an end and that is why problems are getting worse, wars and more intense, diseases are harder to cure. He knows that he has already lost, but he is going to try to take as many people into Hell with him as possible. Not to have a party, but to torment them for eternity because they were offered a way out of Hell through belief in Jesus and they chose not to believe in Him

Tomorrow, Dad

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”  John Wayne

How can we have an effect on tomorrow? The future is our children and the only way for parents, fathers specifically, to have an impact on their lives is to bring them up seeing us put God first in our lives. Not just by going to church, but by living the teachings that are found in the Bible. Reading the Word, praying for and with your children daily if need be, talking with them about questions that they have concerning their faith and yours.

I heard that John Wayne became a Christian because of a question that a child asked him. It was a profound question, like children ask, but it was one that touched his heart and pricked it to the realization that he needed Jesus. My own walk with Christ was prompted by becoming a father and the realization that I needed to have Jesus in my life so that I could be a better role model for my son.

We will never be a perfect reflection of Jesus in this life, but even an imperfect reflection is better than just us alone. Our children deserve to have an example of God to be present in their lives and we as parents are the only example that they will see and hear. While they are small, they will say and imitate almost every word and gesture that you do and say. You all know this is true.

Fathers are admonished to not “provoke your children to discouragement”, but what does that mean? It means that you must not cause your child to lose hope in God, to lose hope in a future with Jesus, to lose hope period. Some translations render that word as “anger”, well when you are discouraged you do get angry so it fits. The point is that you must put your hope in God and in His purpose for you and your family so that your family will know where their hope lies…in God. Not in money or power or success or any material thing but in God.

That is our job as fathers and even though sometimes we fail miserably at controlling our tongues and the words which come from our mouths, we still should strive for the relaying of information to our children which embraces God and shows that we place our hope in Him. Then, if our children see us doing it, then they will see the value in God and Jesus and follow through in their lives.

Give your parents, mother and father alike, a hug and let them know that they did the best job that they could do. Encourage your children to live their lives so that their children will see Jesus in their lives and follow in your steps to Jesus. Children, love your parents enough to show it and don’t be afraid to do so, because Mom and Dad both would like to feel it from you whether they show it or not.

Think about your Mom or Dad tomorrow if they aren’t here, I know that I will be thinking of my grandpa and my Dad tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day to all of you who read this.