So much pain…

There are many people who live with pain in our world today. Some of it is because of disease of one kind or another. Some of it is due to the loss of a loved one, but we all have pain in our lives at some point. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is just not right. Then it is your job to find out where the pain originates and if there is a way to lessen the pain or cure the cause of it.

Spiritually, pain comes into our lives through the loss of someone or by God’s Holy Spirit making us aware that we need Him. Grief is painful, sometimes it is terribly painful to the point of making us feel sick and without hope. When that happens, we need to turn to God’s Word and seek Him and the comfort that He gives to us. HE is the only cure for pain that deep. Other so-called “fixes” do nothing but put a mask over the pain or dull it for a while, and when it returns it may be worse than it was before.

Pain, physical and mental or spiritual, is something that we all experience but God gives us the strength to get through it and come out stronger. Seek out Jesus and His strength so that you can be strong enough to stand in the presence of God and not be ashamed of your life. He is righteous and Holy and we cannot stand in His presence without the Blood of Jesus covering our sins.

God loves each of us because we are His creation, and He doesn’t wish for any of us to be in torment in hell. Which is why He provided the grace and the payment for our sins through Jesus’ sacrifice. All that we have to do is believe in Him and His atonement for us and we will be saved. Not belief like from reading it from a book or just hearing it from someone, but a firm belief like a child knowing that his father will catch him when he jumps. Book knowledge and hearsay don’t work by themselves, it has to be backed up with real faith.

Pain is something which gets our attention, but faith knows that it is only temporary. Put your faith in Jesus and all of your problems will fade with His grace and mercy. Because, He will give you the strength and the ability to make it through all of those problems.

Grace under fire or not, we have it.

God’s grace is given to us by Him through Jesus. We can’t earn it, our lives don’t require it, but it is given to us because of His love for us. Why would God love the people who are actually responsible for His Son’s death on the cross? Because He chose to reconcile us to Himself by Jesus’ death on the cross long before anyone uttered a prophecy about Him. When God told Eve that one day a redeemer would come through the seed of the woman, He was speaking of Jesus then.  The actual wording of the text in Scripture was: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel” (Gen. 3:15).

But, from that point on, the “seed” which God had spoken of was expected and looked for until His arrival. Jesus was born through the grace and mercy of God by a woman, but with the essence of God inside Him and not mankind. That is why He was able to be the “sinless Lamb of God” to be brought to the cross and give His life for all of us so that we could experience His grace and love through Jesus. The grace that humanity has enjoyed these past two thousand years is particularly and specifically for those who will come to Jesus and ask Him into their lives and into their hearts.

It is God’s grace!

By definition it is many things: skills that are needed for behaving in a polite way in social situations; disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency; a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace.

Truly in the sense of this writing, it is the unmerited favor of God toward each human being on Earth. We do not have to earn it, it is given by God to us through His Son, Jesus. Whether we want it or not is irrelevant, we already have it, it is the acceptance of it that we seem to have trouble with. Grace is God’s love shown toward us in that “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. (Romans 5:8)

The grace that we and the world enjoys now was given to all that day when Christ died for us, all of us. The part that many don’t understand is that it is available, freely, if they will accept it and give their lives to Jesus.

It seems that some think that they will have to give up much of their enjoyment of life and truly, they won’t. The difference that will be made in their lives by accepting Jesus, will change their joy and the things that they enjoy to be like the things which Jesus Himself would do. Granted, your “old friends” may not like the new you, but if the change was/is genuine then they will see a better person than they knew before. One that is more caring, more compassionate, more trust-worthy, more like Jesus Himself!

Would that REALLY be such a bad thing?

Grace is given to each of us by the compassion of God toward us because He cares for us, each one of us. Jesus told His disciples that God knows when even a sparrow falls to the ground. If God cares for His creation enough that He knows when a small bird dies, don’t you think that He notices you and your life EVERY moment of every day!? We are above the birds in His scheme of things, but God notices all and sees all of it from time past until the day time will end.

Your life and every breath that you take is important to God. Don’t you think that you should make Him important in your life too?

Think about it because time is growing shorter by the year and we are not promised tomorrow or next year to live it, so make sure that your eternity is secure in Jesus.

Temporary living arrangement

Have you noticed that there are many people here who are living in a temporary arrangement? They stay in one place for a while then stay in another for a while, they never settle down and live anywhere. In a way, that is exactly the way that our life is supposed to be lived, temporary residence in a permanent place.

Jesus said that He was going to prepare a place for us to be with Him, forever. So, in light of that, the life that we live here is considered temporary. It doesn’t matter how many months or years that we have been living in the home that we have while here because it is not our permanent home. Only a home built by His hands will last forever, not these homes of clay, brick, and wooden sticks. Not even the ones that are built of concrete will last forever, although without being subjected to an earthquake they would come close.

What will you do in eternity,  if you haven’t asked Jesus into your life? Well, Jesus said that people who reject His grace and His sacrifice for their sakes will be cast into the lake of fire with Satan and his angels. I know that seems to be a harsh punishment for not giving your life to Christ, but it is the destination that you choose by not accepting Him. God did not create hell for us, it was made to punish Satan and the angels which rebelled with him. The reason that some of us will end up there is because of our rejection of God‘s gift of salvation through Jesus. When you do that, you have chosen to put yourself on the side with Satan, whether you know it or not.

There is not middle ground, no grey area where we can live and have a little bit of our way and a little bit of Christ. It is all or nothing, you are either a follower of Christ and have asked Him into your heart or you are not. There are many people who don’t believe in God or anything that is in God’s Word, the Bible and that is their priority. Sometimes, there is no way to convince people of the love of God or His grace, but I pray that many will come to know Jesus before your time on Earth is over.

I have been accused of using fear tactics to scare people to come to faith in Christ, well if it works, so what? I want you to be afraid of going to hell! Do you really want to spend eternity in punishment, in a place that was not made for you? If you are not a disciple and follower of Jesus, then you will be in that place. Think about it.