Satan’s plan

The church is being deceived by Satan and his fallen angels and was so long ago and they are still at it today. Oh, for some it is a very minor deception, mostly of pride and arrogance which has been nurtured by working in the minds of clerics and priests as well as in bishops and preachers. The deception is so subtle until it is hard to spot, until the damage is done but it creeps in like rust on a steel bridge. A little weakening here and there, a bit of dodging around the scriptures in ways that seem “right” but changes their meaning just a bit. This has been his way all along, just as he did in Eden when he asked Eve about what God said. “You will not surely die! You will be like God knowing good and evil. Twisting words a bit, appealing to humanity’s pride, because pride has been the root of mankind’s sin that gives rise to all kinds of things like rebellion and vanity just as it did when the rebellion happened in Heaven.

Satan and his fallen angels will do whatever is possible against the church and its members in order to take as many with them into hell as they can. They are the instruments of disease, death, persecution and temptation in our world, especially against the church and those who claim to know Jesus. They also empower some church leaders to gain so much wealth that the message becomes twisted and weak and in the end, the body of Christ becomes weak and pitiful, alive but just barely.

In many ways, this is exactly what the world sees in the church today, regardless of the denomination or the leader who is taking his flock on a very broad road to hell with the assistance of Satan himself. As long as he can injure or take down the effectiveness of the church and the message, then he and his fallen angels will do just that, regardless of how much damage it does. He hates man with a passion which goes beyond human understanding and he hates the church even more!

The church has seen much deceit and division with people caught in lies and extortion and with the “leaders” of the congregations getting into all sorts of trouble. Some of them caught in adulterous situations and some getting very wealthy from their “partners in the ministry” helping to spread the Gospel of Christ and yet they own mansions and cars and jets. This is not the church that Jesus intended it to be!

Christians are supposed to be patterning their lives after Jesus, seeking Him and His Wisdom in everything that they do, yet there are some who do demonstrate against authority, against the law and against our government.Why is this being done? Because, if Satan can make the world look at the church, the body of Christ, as intolerant and hateful towards the freedoms that the world enjoys without the church then soon the world will turn against the church altogether.

One of the biggest problems with mankind and one that Satan uses is that we have an independent fallen nature which gives us the delusion of being in control of our lives and the outcome of our lives, whether spiritual or physical. We think that we are capable of reaching for Heaven independent of God and that is the biggest lie that Satan has told and nearly the whole world believes it! True believing Christians who depend on God and seek Him in their lives do not, but it seems that those are few these days and likely in a couple of generations will disappear from the Earth which is exactly what Satan wants!

Since God created mankind to worship Him and know Him, Satan is striking at God by destroying or hurting us in any way that he can. Through disease, poverty, war, famine, hatred of our religion and the One that we follow, Satan has struck at the heart of God by striking at the church, those of us who believe in Jesus and His message. If he can do enough damage that Christianity were outlawed and church services were banned, unless they were worshipping him or one of the “religions” that he approves of, then part of his mission here is working.

It is not finished yet, but he knows that his time is growing short.Then, he will turn on God’s people, the Jews just because they are God’s chosen people. He has deceived them into being so religious about their religion that they missed the Christ when He came and many still can’t see Him even today because they are blinded to Him. Pray that our world and those in it who have been blinded by the pride of life and their own fantasies will come to realize that they are not in control

What is the difference?

The difference between religion and Christianity is the question to answer today, but can the answer be an easy one to find? Religion can be a belief or no belief because you can make a religion out of most anything from fishing to football, your family or anything else that you really enjoy. You may not realize that you have made something into a religion, but when you religiously do something or even live a certain way religiously, then you are doing just that. You can be a religious atheist just because you pursue your beliefs religiously, the same goes for any other religion or belief.

Many people are even religious about hunting or fishing and football and basketball, so being a religious person is not hard to do and it doesn’t have to be a religion at all.

The difference between being religious and being a follower of a religion is the focus of your belief or your faith. Why would you call something a religion which is based on something made by man? Such as sports or even a religion like Zen Buddhism? Yes, there are differences between worshipping an idol or your ancestors versus worshipping Jesus, from a Christian standpoint, is that an idol or your ancestors don’t qualify as deities and Jesus is the Son of God. Whether you believe in God or Jesus or not is not a question in this writing. Belief in no supreme being is also a religion because there are gatherings and “churches” for people of that religious faith as well.

Whether you believe in God or His Son or even the validity of the Bible or not is a discussion that will be and already has been brought up in this forum. The reason that some of you commented on this post already is because I posted it from my Kindle Fire and I couldn’t post it as a draft which is what I had intended. My apologies.

The belief in nothing is something that I can’t understand or as the Greeks had it when Paul was visiting them, “the alter to an unknown god”. Paul introduced them to the real God while he was there, but there are many it seems in the world today who don’t believe in any supreme being. I will be praying for you whether you want me to or not.

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  John 3:16,17


Religious mentality

There are so many different religions in the world today and just as many if not more denominations of Christian belief too. Why are we so split up into different doctrines and belief systems? Mainly, because of Satan himself. I know, there are many, many people who don’t believe in him and those who say that he doesn’t exist at all. He enjoys taunting them and playing with their minds, especially when they don’t think that it is a real entity which is doing these things.

So, what do we do or can we do about all of this confusion? Being religious can be done with anything, it doesn’t have to be a belief or a denomination or even an accepted religion. You can be religious about your life, your job or even your hobby. This is exactly what Satan wants. He wants most of the world to be religious about their particular religion, whatever it may be, and to be so zealous that you persecute anyone who doesn’t believe as you do. Which causes more trouble in the world, more wars, more killing, more hatred between people and cultures. This is the kind of ruler that Earth has at this time, one who is bent on destroying as much of God’s creation as possible while he still has time.

Jesus spoke against the religious mentality of His day too. The High priest and the Pharisees held the people to the laws of Moses, all six hundred or so of them, but they devised loopholes for themselves so that they didn’t have to keep the letter of them. By teaching the people to essentially “do as we say, not as we do”, they were leading the people away from God and not to Him.

Jesus taught the people to know Him and learn to know their God, personally. Being religious doesn’t get you anywhere without Him in your life. Look to Jesus alone for your salvation because He is the only way to get salvation, period. There is no other name or person that can get you saved from an eternity in hell except Jesus and until the world sees this, although it may be too late, there will be no real peace on Earth.