The times that we live in

When I read the news on Google or Fox News website or even listen to the news on TV, it saddens me but it also gives me hope. Why would all of the bad news give me hope? Because it tells me that the appearance of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is not very far away! There are so many things happening around the world and in our country that follow the prophecies in the Bible until it would be crazy not to be looking for Him in the clouds. 

The prophecies that are in God’s Word tell of all kinds of diseases and wars and uprisings and political problems that will be happening in the world around us just before He comes to take the church to Heaven. Life on Earth is going to be much worse when the church is taken away so I hope that many will seek to know Jesus soon and follow Him until that day comes. I don’t think it will be very far in the future. All of the “global warming” scenarios that we hear in the news will likely never happen or they will happen due to what will happen during the Tribulation.

The signs that Jesus spoke of to His disciples and other prophecies in Daniel and Ezekiel tell of this time. Of course, God didn’t give us a date or a year that this would be happening but with everything that is going on around us and the signs in the heavens like the lunar eclipse this month and the annular eclipse in June, I believe, we are closer to the end of the age now than we ever have been.

God cares for all of humanity but He knows who will follow Jesus and who will not. I pray for all who read these posts of mine. Please give your heart to Jesus. Seek Him out in Scripture and pray that your heart will be open to accepting Him as your Savior. Our time is quickly coming to a close and whenever the church is taken up, the next seven years will be far worse than it is today. Seek out a Bible-teaching church and pastor, one that doesn’t water down or adds “human wisdom” to God’s Word. Pray for wisdom and guidance while you are reading the Bible so God can show you the message that you need today. 

Another Saint goes home…

Life on Earth is getting harder to bear. More of my friends are going home to be with the Lord. Yes, we prayed for healing and God chose to heal by giving them their eternal body without disease or hunger or glasses. Life goes on here but I am truly looking forward to that day when the Trumpet of God is sounded and the Church, the Bride of Christ is called home. I don’t want to write much but I do ask for prayer for those who have lost loved ones to this COVID-19 thing! It is time for this to end.

We, and I mean all of us, are sometimes confused about God’s way of healing. Love works in ways which few of us can truly understand. Especially when it comes to God’s love which is deeper and more complete than any emotion that men or women can feel. Our emotions are not comparable to God’s. We ask Him for a healing, sometimes we plead for it for weeks or months, and we don’t see a healing happening…yet. But God has something planned. It may not be what you want or the way that you want it but God can see all of the options and His knowledge is boundless. He can see that one person’s death will bring about more than his or her life would’ve accomplished had they lived.

God is not being mean to the family because their faith will grow if they see that something greater is happening because of their witness in this life. Many may not have known about his ministry or influence. He or she may not have known that someone was changed or inspired in some way by their life or something that they said or did. God knows what it will accomplish and it is His will that it continue and it might not even begin had they lived.

God does things much different from the way that we think. Even the first miracle that Jesus did confused the people who had been serving the wine at the wedding in Cana. His mother called Him over and told Him that they were out of wine. He said, “What is that to me? My time has not come yet.” She still told the servants to “Do whatever He tells you to do”. He told them to fill six jars which held about sixty gallons each with water. When they had done so, He said to give a sample to the head waiter of the house. Then the man said that most people serve the best at the beginning of a celebration but you have kept the best until later.

Those who have been healed by taking them into eternity hopefully were followers of Jesus Christ. Some may not have believed in Him for their salvation but their death may still influence someone to change their life. God allowed His Son to pay the price for ALL OF OUR SINS so that we could have an eternity with Him. A strange way to save humanity when most of them don’t even believe in God or His Son. It is because of His great Love for us that He has for all of us. Did my friend believe in Jesus for his salvation? Yes! I envy him right now because of the wondrous sights he is seeing, especially because he is reunited with his Daddy and his grandparents. Yes, I envy him because I can’t see those wonderful sights until I am there and I’m looking forward to it.