What do you want?

During this holiday time period we hear this a lot. From children and family members we try to determine what we should get them for Christmas. But what do we want from our Christian walk with Jesus? Are we looking for forgiveness or an “OK” to keep doing what we’ve been doing? Do we want a deep relationship with our Creator and our Savior and if we do how do we get to that point?

All of these are valid points and questions but where do we find the answers? Can we ask our pastor or do we need to find a Bible study that explores the questions that we want to be answered? One more question: do we really want the answers? In some of our lives, we do want these answers but we are afraid of seeking them because of what they might reveal about us. God loves each of us and He wants what is best for us in life and in our walk with Him.

So…how do we find the answers to those questions? Seek Him and the wisdom that praying through the Bible can bring. I know it sounds like it might take a long time doing it this way but truthfully it is the best way to find the answers that you are looking for. By praying about your problem, whether it is financial or physical or spiritual, God’s Word and His Spirit can and will provide the answer to you. But you must pray about your specific problem while you are reading the Bible. Ask Him for the answers you are seeking and you will find them. It may take reading through the whole Bible or you might find your answer in the chapter that you start on but the answer will come.

In our lives outside the church and away from “corporate worship” as we are during this pandemic, your Spirit is still longing for a close relationship with God. Sometimes this can be a good thing because you can seek Him and His wisdom during your personal Bible study time. Getting into the habit of seeking His Word and wisdom is not hard to do but it is a habit that you can glean the most positive wisdom from rather than reading other novels or other books.

Will God hear your request for learning more about Him? Yes, I believe He will. Even if you aren’t a Christian yet I think that He will hear your plea for His wisdom and give you the faith to seek it in His Word. Why do I say that we have to have faith to get wisdom from God’s Word? Because if you don’t then you are just reading a book like any other book from a store or from the library. Faith allows your Spirit to speak to you and to God and His Word will mean so much more when all of them are in sync with each other. The Bible, God’s Word, is not like any other book out there and it doesn’t really matter which translation you have, because when you prayerfully seek His answers in His Word the Spirit will allow you to understand it regardless of the words on the page.

The Word reads you through your Spirit and your answers can be found by prayerfully and humbly seeking the answer from God’s Word. Take the time to quiet your mind and ask God to open the Scriptures to you so that you can find the answers that are waiting to be found.